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Grill Anywhere With Kenyon’s Line of Portable, Indoor Electric Grills

City living has its advantages: 24-hour drug stores, late-night pizza slices, bustling nightlife and much, much more. But one thing that’s tough to replicate in the city is having space for a grill of any sort. Even if you have the space for it, there’s more than likely a chance there’s a rule or ordinance of some kind that would prohibit you from taking to the roof to grill up an incredible burger or hot dog. And as great as other cooking methods can be, there’s nothing that can come remotely close to replacing the flavors that come from grilled food. That is, until now.

Kenyon has provided apartment-dwellers in search of a grilling solution with a whole series of electric grills that bring that outdoor experience, inside. Chief among them is the portable Kenyon City Grill. The tabletop grill is certified for indoor use and comes in a stainless steel construction that’s capable of being used on top of any surface without you having to worry about burning the surface underneath. With a cooking area of 155 square inches, you’ll have more than enough space to cook all kinds of great food, whether it’s juicy burgers or veggie skewers that you want to have that rich grilled flavor. Additionally, the 1300-watt element ensures that you can really crank up the temperature to get that absolutely perfect sear you need for your food. Plus, that wattage allows it to fully heat up to your desired cooking temperature in about seven minutes.

This grill was specifically designed for apartment and condo residents who miss grilling. It’s compact size and sleek design will blend in seamlessly with your modern stainless-steel appliances. You can even add extra flavors to your recipe by adding liquids, sliced lemons and other seasonings to the drip tray.

More importantly, Kenyon has ensured that all of their products are 100% safe for home use. Since it’s an all-electric indoor grill, it’s no different than using any other cooking device like an Instant Pot or even a Crock-Pot. But if that’s not enough, Kenyon designed the unit with a concealed electric element to actively eliminate those pesky grease flare-ups one might get on a gas or charcoal grill. When it comes time to clean out the unit, the disposable drip tray is located right below the unit for easy removal and cleaning.

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Oh, and it’s fully portable if you want to tote it over to someone else’s place and cook.

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Courtesy of Kenyon

Sure, it’s always going to be difficult to truly and fully replicate that grilling experience, but the best indoor grills come pretty damn close. If you constantly yearn for the exceptional taste of a grilled burger in your own home, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

In addition to the Kenyon City Grill, you can also find other portable grills from Kenyon on Amazon. In particular, the Frontier All Seasons portable grill is another great option for indoor grilling. However, this grill can also be used outdoors when a live flame isn’t possible. For RV owners or boaters who want to grill in the great outdoors, this portable grill is a great option.

So fire up the grill — you’ve got some great tasting food to make.

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Courtesy of Kenyon


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