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This Luxe LG Fridge Makes Slow-Melting Craft Ice Balls Made for Cocktail Drinkers

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The rise in popularity around specialty and craft cocktails has also driven interest in specialty ice molds. After all, what good is a glass of nice whiskey or scotch if you don’t have slow-melting ice to keep it cool without diluting the taste? Being able to appreciate the finer things is paramount to the experience of fine spirits, but it can definitely be a hassle to constantly use molds to create your own. Which is why LG’s new Instaview Door Refrigerator with a built-in Craft Ice maker is such a game-changer for those that not only love fine drinking but also entertaining, too.

An automatic solution to creating ice spheres is something that’s normally reserved for the fanciest of bars and restaurants, but now that experience gets to come home as part of an elegant and beautiful solution, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it. 

LG Craft Ice Refrigerator

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Courtesy of LG

LG’s take on rounded ice balls has been smartly named “Craft Ice,” indicating a more premium experience. Fitting, considering rounded ice provides a number of benefits over your standard ice cubes. With a two-inch diameter, they’re bigger than standard cubed ice but smaller than traditional whiskey rocks. The spherical nature makes it so the ice doesn’t clump together like you often see with traditional ice cubes. That rounded shape also makes each individual piece thicker, which keeps the ice from melting too fast. There’s nothing worse than a drink that’s been over-diluted due to melting ice, a point that whiskey and scotch drinkers are all too familiar with. 

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But perhaps more than anything else, it’s the ease of use that comes with the Instaview that makes it a worthwhile purchase. Using ice molds is effective, sure, but having a machine to automatically make and keep the ice cold and on hand just takes the hassle out of messing with molds. But the benefits don’t stop at just the craft ice, the Instaview boasts the largest capacity in its class at 24 cubic feet of space, which is more than enough room for you to load up on supplies for a party or food for a growing family. Also, as evidenced by its name, the Instaview door allows you to quickly glance at what items you have in your fridge (it’s activated by tapping on the panel twice), without having to open it fully. This allows you to double-check and determine what’s on hand before you head out to the store. Finally, the specialized Smart Cooling System ensures that your food stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible, letting technology actively make an impact on your food. Altogether, it’s a fridge that’s going to work both harder and smarter for you.