Meet Lumecube: The GoPro-Sized Laptop Light That’s About to Save Your Zoom Lighting Game

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Courtesy of Lume Cube

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Proper lighting on video calls, second to sound, is the most important element to a successful meeting with coworkers. You can have your talking points ready to go and share your screen all you want — sooner or later your coworkers are going to look at your face and if it’s just your voice emanating from the ghostly figure that haunts their dreams it might be time to change something.

Maybe you’re dedicated to the craft that is lighting and you’ve invested in a ring light, we fully support that decision. However, if you’re looking for something a little more low key and space-conscious, we’re here to introduce you to the Lumecube.

The Lumecube is a GoPro-sized lighting device that mounts to your laptop’s screen and lights up your face without washing you out, creating a glare or burning your eyeballs into oblivion.

lume cube lighting, lume cube Courtesy of Amazon
lume cube lighting, lume cube Courtesy of Amazon

The Lumecube is an adjustable and mountable computer light that’s designed for the modern remote working era to improve video conferencing, self broadcasting, live streaming and more.

It’s a panel LED that’s compatible with laptops and desktops and provides soft illumination that’s fully adjustable. You can vary the color temperature of the light depending on what look you’re going for, and there’s no need to stress about it running out of battery mid-workday as it has up to 14 hours of run time on a single charge.

The light is adjustable in 5% increments and the light charges via a USB-C connection. The lens is also frosted for built-in diffusion so the light will disperse evenly on your space without coming off too strong.