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From Dorm Rooms to Dens, These Mini Fridges Have a Big Capacity and Small Footprint

It’s rare to hear someone say they have too much fridge space. Most of the time, we’re cramming in leftovers, rearranging drinks, looking for hidden nooks and crannies that will fit our latest grocery store haul, and hoping that there’s enough room in the freezer for the delicious new ice cream flavor we just bought. Whether you’re using a full-sized refrigerator and need more storage for overflow or have a small space that will only accommodate something that is 3.3 cubic feet and smaller, mini fridges are more spacious and space-saving than ever before.

For those living in small spaces, whether it’s a dorm room, apartment, RV, boat, or studio, a mini fridge can boast all the benefits of a full-sized refrigerator on a smaller scale. With a freezer compartment, adjustable shelves, and even dedicated slots for tall items like liters of milk or pop, mini fridges mean you don’t have to give up having cold or frozen food and drinks in your space.

We also love using mini fridges in places like an office, where a communal fridge is no longer cutting it. Whether your lunch is mysteriously ‘walking’ away or there’s no room left for your yogurt every morning, a mini fridge means you have your own space for your own food.

Mini fridges are also a great addition to a full-sized home that already has a refrigerator. We love using a mini fridge outdoors for entertaining, including on a covered deck or patio. Kid’s rooms and TV rooms are also great spots for mini refrigerators, with extra drinks and snacks nearby meaning fewer trips to the kitchen and more playing/movie watching. If you like to entertain, having a mini fridge for extra storage for drinks, appetizers and desserts can be a huge help when the guest list around your table triples.

1. hOmeLabs Mini Fridge, 3.3 Cubic Feet

With a spacious 3.3 cubic feet of storage and three moveable glass shelves, the hOmeLabs Mini Fridge is a small fridge that can hold a lot. The hOmeLabs is the largest fridge on our list and comes with several features, including three movable, full-width glass shelves, a seven-can storage unit inside the door, and a tall compartment perfect for liters of soda or milk.

Pros: The black exterior creates a classy finish and we like that the front of the fridge can be written on with dry erase markers, perfect for making grocery lists or leaving fun notes for roommates.

Cons: The hOmeLabs is the most expensive option on our list.

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2. RCA IGLOO Mini Refrigerator, 3.2 Cubic Feet

Available in eight fun colors, including orange and purple, the RCA IGLOO Mini Refrigerator features a space-saving flush back design.

Pros: The refrigerator has two adjustable tempered glass shelves that make it easy to customize your storage space, as well as a compartment for cans and tall bottles in the door. The door can be reversed and we like that the height of the feet can also be adjusted. The fridge is compressor cooled, meaning it will stay cool regardless of the temperature around it, making this a great option to keep on a covered patio or deck.

Cons: May arrive damaged after shipping.

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3. BLACK+DECKER Compact Refrigerator, 2.5 Cubic Feet

Perfect for fitting discreetly under a desk or in a small space, the BLACK+DECKER Compact Refrigerator is only 26.6 inches high, but still boasts 2.5 cubic feet of storage space.

Pros:  Like the first two models, the BLACK+DECKER has a small freezer compartment, an adjustable thermostat and a reversible door. We like that the glass shelves can be moved to accommodate taller items and that the fridge door has enough room for two 1-liter bottles.

Cons: Loud.

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