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This Thin, Simple MOFT Laptop Stand Makes Everything Easier

Laptop stands are not all made equal. There are some that are meant to stabilize and support a laptop in a permanent desk home, and others that are meant to give your computer screen a boost on the go. The problem is, both of these options tend to be bulky and add weight to an already hefty computer and when you’re trying to travel, that’s the last thing you want.

Opt for one of these ultra trendy MOFT laptop stands instead. Their lightweight geometric laptop stands are designed to be “invisible” and compliment the laptop’s existing design, rather than add shape to it. They want to make accessories for our gadgets that help us use them ergonomically, and make all of the tasks we do on them easier.

MOFT Laptop Stand

MOFT Laptop Stand

While our use of technology has changed over the past 10 years, the ergonomic design of these devices has not. MOFT wants to lift up our screens just enough to make every pixelated task a bit easier on our eyes, minds and bodies. These stands are designed to make each movement you do on your computer a little less joint-intensive and a little more seamless.

Their stands weigh about 3oz. compared to the 40-50oz of some other laptop stands on the market, and they design them for computers ranging in size from 11.6″ to 15.6″ in screen size.

The laptop stands come in six different colors, easily fold in and out for setup and sit thin on the back when not in use so portability and other functionality won’t be interrupted. Simplify your laptop’s coverage and accessibility with one of these MOFT laptop stands. They also make accessories for smartphones and tablets.