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Review: The OXO 8-Cup Coffee Maker Is the New King of Small Coffee Makers

Single-mug coffeemakers are fast and efficient, reduce waste, and have convenience written all over them. But as the late great Detective Colombo might say, “Just one more thing…” They’re not exactly known for making really great-tasting coffee.

Quick and convenient caffeine on the run is all well and good, but why sacrifice taste? OXO has cracked the code on how to give you small-batch coffee that also tastes amazing with its new 8-Cup Coffee Maker. Compact and able to easily switch between a single-serving brew and an 8-cup carafe, this new OXO is gold-standard coffee certified by the rigorous standards of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

OXO went back to the drawing board with the design of this new coffee maker, which is substantially smaller and sleeker than its 9- and 12-cup models. This one fits neatly beneath your kitchen cabinets, and the stainless-steel and black-trim look really complements any countertop.

It also packs a tremendous amount of features into a small package. It quickly reaches the ideal water temperature for drip-brewing (197-205 degrees Fahrenheit) without scorching the grounds and creating a bitter batch. The included double-walled carafe and single-serve travel mugs fit equally well with a simple toggle of a switch at the front of the brewing chamber. And to switch between small and large batches, you just click a button at the front of the unit.

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Courtesy of Amazon
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Courtesy of Amazon

The filter basket uses standard 8-cup size, flat-bottomed paper filters, or an included optional brew basket for single-cup servings. If you want a reusable filter to avoid tossing a paper filter with each use, make sure it is 185 size like this organic hemp cloth filter from Bolio.

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Whether you go paper or cloth, the OXO is a major upgrade from those nasty little single-serve plastic cups. The environmental advantages are significant, but, wow, the taste. Let’s be honest: Those little plastic-cup machines are made for “free coffee at the office!” usage, and tastewise they’re maybe a half-step above instant crystals. It’s nothing you’d cross the street for.

The OXO, on the other hand, has that gold-standard taste, whether you’re making it in a multi-cup batch or a travel mug to go. And getting to that top-notch taste is easy. Fill the chamber with your favorite grounds, adjust the brewing chamber switch and front button for the size of your batch, and press start. A perfectly balanced cup or carafe is yours for the enjoying, and fast.

There’s an old saying that of three things — fast, good, and cheap — you can only have two, never all three. Well, maybe two and a half? At $170 the OXO 8-Cup Coffee Maker does not completely qualify as cheap. But it’s not exactly expensive, either. Definitely a good price point for a coffee maker that brings so much to your mug!