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These Ninja Foodi Indoor Grills Are Up To 43% Off, So Don’t Let The Rain Ruin Your Next Barbecue

These Ninja Foodi Indoor Grills are on sale today with up to 43% off, and are the perfect way to keep any BBQ plans going, even if the weather decides that the elements aren’t going to play nice. These grills can help keep things cooking and still result in immensely tasty food, and can often be healthier too. Not that that’s essential for BBQ food.

While having a solid Ninja outdoor grill is certainly a good start to any Spring and Summer food party plans, plans rarely go as intended, so having a backup in the form of one of these indoor grills, which also have plenty of other features like air frying and baking too. They’re also just a really good addition to any kitchen, because more options usually mean better meals.

There are a few other items on sale too, making today a good day to upgrade that kitchen. It’s worth keeping in mind other cool gadgets that can help with a good BBQ too, like making sure the best outdoor speakers are out there. Other than that, happy shopping.

$159.99 $279.99 43% off

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This impressive smart indoor grill actually has six cooking modes, a chunky discount, and is big enough to allow for up to 24 hot dogs cooking at once. That’s enough to feed at least two people,

$129.99 $229.99 43% off

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This grill can air fry, roast, and bake, has a decent size, and is easy to clean. It’s also got a big old saving on it, and it’s an excellent way to make tasty food with ease.

$199.99 $249.99 20% off

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Both technically speaking and any other way of speaking this big old air fryer is not a grill, but it is still very good at cooking food. This massive 10-quart air fryer has two independent baskets for better finished on two foods at once, and is really easy to use.