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Keep Food Warm While Traveling With These Mini Portable Ovens

Preparing warm and healthy meals on-the-go has always involved some sort of microwave and/or a sandwich you would have to eat cold. If you are bored of always eating cold food or hate the rubbery texture a microwave can sometimes yield, then a great food warmer may come in handy.

Food warmers work as mini personal and portable ovens that are great for the office, traveling (even in the car), camping or simply anywhere that you have access to an outlet. These portable ovens not only keep the food warm, but they are also powerful enough to cook a fresh, hot and healthy meal evenly anywhere you may go.

Below are some food warmers that will work for most mobile, on-the-go lifestyles. These warmers all have the capability to reheat and/or cook your favorite meals, are super-efficient and compatible with most flat-bottom containers including glass, plastic, metal, aluminum, and foil. Also, depending on your lifestyle, you have the choice of plugging into a 12-volt socket or your regular old office plug. Lastly, the benefits of these warmers are endless and using them will help you save money, help you incorporate more healthful eating habits and are easy to use with no programs or buttons to push.

1. HotLogic Mini Portable Oven

The HotLogic Mini is a personal portable oven that is ideal for preparing healthy meals at the office, a campsite or anywhere an outlet is present. This mini personal and portable oven slowly and evenly heats or cooks your meal to preserve moisture and enhance flavor while ensuring no overcooked edges and frozen centers. HotLogic removes any and all time constraints to your mealtimes and once your meal is done, it is ready to eat at your leisure and won’t be overcooked.

Pros: The Hot Logic is super efficient and ensures your food will be thoroughly cooked through.

Cons: The mini oven has no temperature control button.

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2. Portable Oven Personal Food Warmer

Aotto’s Portable Stove is perfect for camping or tailgating and provides a place to warm up your leftovers or even cook your food.. This portable and powerful stove easily plugs into any 12-volt lighter-type socket and is ideal for stews, beans, chops, rice meals or virtually any hot dishes.

Pros: It’s an effective option, and will provide a warm meal when there is no time for a break.

Cons: Will take 2-3 hours to fully cook something, which may be too slow for some.

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3. Hot Logic Mini 12V Version

The Hot Logic Mini 12-Volt allows you to prepare meals or reheat leftovers without having to stand next to a microwave, set timers, adjust temps or stay home all day due to the oven status. This mini personal oven is similar to our “Editor’s Choice” option, however, this version comes with a patent-pending heating adapter that connects to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, allowing you to heat up your meal on the road. The mini oven is also affordable and comes in six different color options.

Pros: HotLogic Mini is compatible with most personal containers including glass, plastic or metal.

Cons: There is no light indicator to show that it is properly connected to your vehicle’s lighter.


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