The Best Retro Mini-Fridges Bring Diner-Inspired Interior Design Into Your Home

retro mini fridge
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Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home. They’re also one of the prime areas for interior design with a retro spin due to the amount of diner-inspired appliances, fixtures and furniture available these days. To kickstart the hint of vintage in your home without fully committing to a remodel, you should invest in one of the best retro mini-fridges.

When shopping for your retro mini-fridge, consider the following features to ensure you find the right one for you:

  • Freon-Free – Freon used to commonly be found in refrigeration appliances, such as retro mini-fridges. However, the substance is now banned from use due to its association with damaging the ozone layer. Many new models of retro mini-fridges will advertise themselves as ‘freon-free, as this important requirement should always be adhered to.
  • Capacity – You’ll find most retro mini-fridges start from a four-liter capacity which is suitable for six 12-ounce cans of beer or pop. But, you’ll also find slightly larger versions designed specifically for storing more cans. Retro-inspired appliances are all the craze at the moment. While there are many mini-sized options, there are also larger, family-sized options to choose from, too. 
  • Power – Many retro mini-fridges are designed for use both in the home and on the move. For this reason, they often feature two power outlets to enable them to be plugged into a 100-volt wall socket or a 12-volt car outlet.

You probably have more uses for a mini-fridge than you realize. They can be used to transport your lunch from home to work, for storing your picnic on days out, as a beverage overflow area in the kitchen and for keeping your favorite beers close to your desk when you’re hard at work.

Below, we have gathered the 11 best retro mini-fridges available to order online. Regardless of what you’ll be using your mini-fridge for, having one with a retro design is more fun and looks much more attractive than a standard fridge.


1. AstroAI Mini Fridge


With over 23,000 customer reviews and a 4.5-star rating, the AstroAI Mini Fridge is comfortably the most popular retro mini fridge available to order on Amazon. It has a four-liter capacity, making it ideal for cooling six cans. Alternatively, you can switch it to heat mode to keep your take-out warm up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you can choose from one of the five different color options, including black, blue or white to select the one which will suit your interior style best.

retro mini fridge astroai Image courtesy of Amazon

AstroAI Mini Fridge

$47.99 $54.99 13% OFF


2. Chefman Portable Eraser Board Mini Fridge


Take the idea of a doodle pad a step further with the Chefman Portable Eraser Board Mini Fridge. This dual-purpose retro mini-fridge is great for keeping your drinks cool or warm as well as keeping your grocery list and notes stored safely, too. It has a four-liter capacity, and the capability to switch from a cooling environment for chilled beers to a warm environment for coffee. This retro mini fridge is ideal for your countertop, as it measures 10.5 by 7.3 by 9.5 inches and is best placed where you’ll be able to write on the door with ease using the three included chalk markers.

retro mini fridge chefman Image courtesy of Target

Chefman Portable Eraser Board Mini Fridge



3. FRIGIDAIRE Mini Fridge


For a cost-friendly and compact retro mini-fridge, look no further than the FRIGIDAIRE Mini Fridge. This attractive appliance is a modest investment thanks to its price tag of under $40. It’s available in three classic retro colors, namely black, white or red as well as three more alternative pastel tones, too. One plug to suit wall sockets is included, and one plug for the 12-volt outlet in your car is available, too, making this a great choice of retro mini-fridge for portability purposes.

retro mini fridge frigidaire Image courtesy of Amazon




4. Chefman Portable Mini Mirrored Personal Fridge


If you find yourself checking your hair in the windows as you walk past or in your wing mirror before you drive, you need the Chefman 0.52 cu ft Portable Mini Mirrored Personal Fridge. The full front surface of this fridge door is covered with a mirror to give this appliance a dual purpose. Inside, the fridge has a four-liter capacity, which is well capable of both cooling or warming its contents. Furthermore, it’s freon-free and features a middle shelf that can be removed to make room for larger items, such as milk cartons or beer bottles.

retro mini fridge chefman Image courtesy of Target

Chefman Portable Mini Mirrored Personal Fridge



5. Coca-Cola Personal Refrigerator


There are few brands, if any, who know beverages better than Coca-Cola. That’s why we recommend the Coca-Cola 0.14 cu ft Personal Refrigerator. It boasts classic Coca-Cola branding, featuring the iconic polar bear holding one of the even-more-iconic Coca-Cola bottles. Six Coke cans fit comfortably inside the four-liter fridge, making space for two full-fat, two diet and two or your favorite alternatives, such as sugar-free or cherry Coke.

retro mini fridge coca cola personal Image courtesy of Target

Coca-Cola Personal Refrigerator



6. Cooluli Mini Fridge


Like many of the best retro mini-fridges, the Cooluli Mini Fridge has a four-liter capacity and is able to store six cans. However, it has a much more compact appearance than many of its competitors. It weighs four pounds and features a PCB technology system, which enables a silent yet efficient cooling process. Inside this fridge, there is a small top shelf, so you can separate certain drinks or snacks. There is also a slim shelf on the inside of the door, which is well-suited to a bar of chocolate or other snacks.

cooluli skincare mini fridge Image courtesy of Amazon

Cooluli Mini Fridge



7. Frigidaire Mini Retro Beverage Fridge


The Frigidaire 6-Can Mini Retro Beverage Fridge has a classic, retro appearance, featuring chunky, silver hinges and a large, silver door handle, too. It also has a small viewing window that allows you to see part of the contents. This fridge has a capacity of four liters, which makes it suitable for storing up to six cans. To top it off, it only weighs four pounds, which makes it ideal for use in both your home and the car.

frigidaire mini fridge Image courtesy of Target

Frigidaire Mini Retro Beverage Fridge



8. FRIGIDAIRE Mini Fridge


If your main concern when it comes to a fridge is keeping your cans chilled, then the FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS462 Mini Fridge is the retro mini-fridge for you. It has a nine-liter capacity, meaning it’s capable of storing 12 cans. However, it only measures 10 by seven by 10.5 inches, making it much smaller than a regular refrigerator. This mini-fridge’s sleek design features an oval viewing window, which allows you to see the front six cans. It also boasts a chunky, silver latch for a solid closure.

frigidaire mini fridge Image courtesy of Amazon


$47.98 $59.99 20% OFF


9. CROWNFUL Mini Fridge


The CROWNFUL Mini Fridge can be switched from cooling mode to warming mode, which makes it suitable for storing milk, hot drinks, fruit and snacks as well as skincare products and medication, too. It has a capacity of up to six cans, which provides plenty of space for small cosmetics and medical items. This retro mini fridge is completely freon-free and features an easy-to-carry handle integrated into its top surface. It also has an optional shelf, which can be removed to make one large compartment rather than two smaller areas.

crownful mini fridge Image courtesy of Amazon

CROWNFUL Mini Fridge



10. Galanz Retro True Freezer Refrigerator


The Galanz Retro 3.1 cubic feet True Freezer Refrigerator is a retro mini-fridge and freezer all in one. It features dual doors which follow the same style of design, including silver trim and large, horizontal handles. At 25.16 by 19.17 by 23.31 inches in size, this retro mini fridge is double the size of others in this roundup, but it is still much smaller than a standard kitchen fridge. It’s also available in black or red, so you can choose which is best suited to your retro-inspired interior.

galanz retro mini fridge Image courtesy of Target

Galanz Retro True Freezer Refrigerator



11. Smeg 50s Retro Style Mini Refrigerator


As far as retro mini-fridges go, the Smeg 50s Retro Style Mini Refrigerator is king. It is constructed to supreme quality and designed with true craftsmanship and detail. The iconic Smeg logo is in place on the front, just above the horizontal handle located on the right. This particular retro mini-fridge has a right-hinge door opening, but Smeg also has left-hinged options available, in case that better suits the space you have in mind for your retro mini-fridge.

smeg 50s retro style mini fridge Image courtesy of Amazon

Smeg 50s Retro Style Mini Refrigerator



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