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Roborock Dyad Pro Review: You Can Be Marie Kondo, Without All the Work

While Marie Kondo probably has the time and energy to vacuum her home before a thorough mopping to get floors ultra clean, for the rest of us it’s a pipe dream. We’re lucky if we can get that morning’s omelet-flip-gone-awry picked up before the toddler feeds it to the dog. In the past, we’d have to pick up what we could with a paper towel, sweep up crumbs, then break out a bucket and mop to finish the job. For those of us who don’t have time or energy for floors you or your toddler could eat off: technology to the rescue.

Hybrid floor cleaners are growing in popularity, commonly referred to as wet/dry vacuums. This is a relatively new class of floor cleaning machine; they work like an upright or stick vacuum but also have the power to not just wash your floors, but to pick up wet messes too. That’s the premise of the new Roborock Dyad Pro, which is to save time and frustration..

In this review, I’ve used the Roborock Dyad Pro for at least a couple of weeks and determined if it’s a worthy addition to your cleaning repertoire. I’ll use the vacuum in my house and test how well it cleans.

Roborock Dyad Pro: At a Glance

Courtesy of Amazon


  • Cleans well
  • Handles wet and dry messes
  • Now uses soap
  • Cleaner head gets close to baseboards
    Self cleaning
  • Dries mops
  • Good battery life


  • Device is a bit heavy
  • Can be gross to clean out

Roborock Dyad Pro Set Up

While the box contents and all the accessories look as intimidating as a spilled Meccano Erector set, this upright floor cleaner assembles in a snap; just insert the handle into the top of the vacuum and set up the stand by clicking its two halves together. Plug it in and let Dyad Pro get charged.

What’s New With Roborock Dyad Pro?

When we have the time to run a quick clean, the battery life is imperative, because if your battery dies, you’re unlikely to be compelled to clean again until the next time the in-laws are coming over. That’s good news because the new Dyad Pro has an improved battery with a runtime of 43 minutes (up from the previous version’s 35 minutes) as well as a re-engineered charging station that not only washes but now also dries the vacuum’s mopping rollers, a feature that the previous model lacked.

While drying fully does take about three hours, it’s virtually silent, but it has the advantage of keeping the mops clean and reducing the opportunity for mold and mildew to grow. The cleaning head also gets to within 1 millimeter of baseboards and edges (the previous version had a 2mm clearance).

Hallelujah to the addition of a cleanser tank, which is a big deal. Most other hybrid vacs, similar devices and even the original Dyad, only used water to ‘wash’ your floors, so being able to actually clean with proper soap should help get turn your terrazzo into a potential tabletop.

How Does the Roborock Dyad Pro Work?

Roborock Dyad Pro has both a clean and dirty water tank. The water and cleaner work with the two rows of rollers underneath that rotate in opposite directions, and the up to 17,000Pa of suction power to inhale whatever’s on your floor.

Roborock Dyad Pro Software

You can connect the Dyad Pro to the Roborock app and while doing so won’t turn this vac-mop into a rolling robot, you can use it to start a cleaning cycle on the mopping pads, or adjust the drying.

The app also gives you data like the battery level, and allows you to adjust different cleaning modes and settings. You can also change things like the level of water flow or suction power.

Roborock Dyad Pro Battery Life

In my review period, I found the estimated battery life of 43 minutes to be accurate. While it doesn’t seem like a long time, I found I was really only using the Dyad Pro for about ten minutes to clean my entire house, so this was more than enough battery life for several complete cleans before I would need to recharge it.

Roborock Dyad Pro: Cleaning Performance

Roborock Dyad Pro has both a clean and dirty water tank. The water and cleaner work with the two rows of rollers underneath that rotate in opposite directions, and the up to 17,000Pa of suction power to inhale whatever’s on your floor.

In my testing, I used Dyad Pro on all kinds of at-home cleaning tasks. Most often I used it for quick daily cleaning to keep areas near the front and back door clean, as well as to pick up dried spills and drips in the kitchen, and muddy dog paw prints. The Dyad Pro did a good job on getting rid of daily dirt; the roller brushes scrub up even dried on stains while the adjustable water flow and cleanser polishes the floor clean.

I also laid out a few special cleaning challenges for it, similar to how I have tested other vac-mops. It easily inhaled a full cup of dropped coffee, both picking up the liquid and wiping the floor clean. On melted ice cream, it was convenient to not to have to pick up the gooey ice cream first then wash the sticky residue off the floor after.

With dried goods like dry oatmeal or rice, the Dyad Pro was very effective and it definitely vacuumed it all up, but because whatever you take in goes into the dirty water tank, you want to make sure you clean it out, otherwise it can turn into rotting porridge. A large strainer basket inside the dirty tank filters solids from the liquid making for easy (if occasionally disgusting) disposal.

Roborock Dyad Pro: The Verdict

The new Roborock Dyad has been significantly improved over the original. The added features, like the use of soap for more effective cleaning, are smart and helpful, as is the air drying of the mopping rollers. The Dyad Pro was great at both wet and dry messes, and it scrubed floors well and it had excellent battery life.

When it comes to the downsides, some users may find it heavy to carry up stairs. The biggest knock to this device in truth is not one of its features, it’s that whatever you mop up you need to empty out, and depending on the nastiness of your mess, that could be a bit on the gross side.

So Should You Buy It?

In short I can definitely recommend the Dyad Pro to you as a great versatile floor cleaner for your home. Dyad Pro sells for about $449, and that’s the exact same price as the original, so you’re getting a lot more floor cleaning, for exactly the same price, which is pretty nice.

Courtesy of Amazon