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Samsung Just Released the Sexiest Vacuum We’ve Ever Seen – Meet the Bespoke Jet

Robot vacuums are convenient, but there are times when you just need to put a little elbow grease into cleaning your floor. The new Samsung Bespoke Jet lets you do just that with the sexiest form factor of any upright vacuum to date. It would have The Jetsons’ Rosie letting out a wolf-whistle.

Historically, Apple has been the true leader in consumer product design, but in recent years Samsung has stepped up its design game. Apple tends toward sleek and minimalist designs with round edges, but Samsung favors a more futuristic aesthetic and is better at incorporating color into its designs, as in the Bespoke Smart Refrigerator we saw earlier this year. As we’ve said in the past, Apple really is falling behind in the design department.

Samsung first revealed the Bespoke Jet during CES 2022, and as of Monday, April 4, it’s officially available nationwide. This smart upright vacuum retails for $899.99 at Samsung’s online store, and it’s the first cordless stick vacuum we’ve seen that truly rivals Dyson’s line of super-vacuums.

Not only does this vacuum boast impressive suction power, but it also features a 2-in-1 dock that automatically empties the dust bin and recharges the vacuum.


What We Love About the Bespoke Jet

The Samsung Bespoke Jet is an all-in-one cordless vacuum with a base station that empties the dustbin and recharges the vacuum for you. The Clean Station works by blasting airwaves through the dustbin to clean it out, while an advanced filtration system simultaneously captures dust particles so they can’t escape the unit. According to Samsung, this system effectively captures up to 99.999% of fine dust particles.

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Many vacuum cleaners can actually increase air pollution in your home. However, thanks to a five-layer filtration system, the Bespoke Jet releases cleaner air into your home, like an air purifier and vacuum in one.

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Courtesy of Samsung
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Courtesy of Samsung

Another significant benefit of this vacuum is the weight. The Bespoke Jet is 24% lighter than previous Samsung stick vacuums, making it easier for anyone to use while cleaning. There are also a lot of different attachments to tackle any cleaning situation, like the Pet Tool brush, the extendable Crevice Tool, and the Combo Brush. If you’re trying to get somewhere tight, the Flex Tool lets you bend attachments up to 90 degrees to get to those hard-to-reach places in the home.

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The most impressive accessory lies in the Spray Spinning Sweeper. Think of it as a powered Swiffer, in a way. It uses two spinning wet pads that rotate 260 times per minute to clean hard floors, remove spills, and kill germs. The pads are reusable and machine washable, and the water reservoir can be filled and used to spray those stickier messes.


Bespoke Jet Pricing and Availability

The Bespoke Jet is now available directly from Samsung and select retailers nationwide. It comes in three colors: Misty White, Woody Green and Midnight Blue. It starts at $900, which is one pricey vacuum that easily launches it into premium territory. Still, it’s one of those stylish and effective options that we rarely see in a space filled with utilitarian designs.

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Courtesy of Samsung


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