5 Smart Air Conditioners That Allow You to Cool Down the House Before You Even Arrive Home

best smart air conditioner
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It seems each summer has become more brutal than the last, as the heat seemingly continues to get worse and worse with little relief in sight. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says July was the hottest month ever — ever! — on earth. Without an air conditioner, an unbearable time of year can become downright uninhabitable if your current unit isn’t up to par. For those of us that aren’t lucky enough to have central air, portable and/or window air conditioner units are our best friends — but what if they could work smarter?

Just like most of our other modern day appliances, manufacturers have started incorporate smart technology into A/C units as well. Advances in bluetooth and mobile apps have made it so that you’re just a tap away from being able to have full control over every aspect of your cooling experience, no matter where you are, making it even easier to cool down and relax once you’re out of the heat. Whether you’re in the market for a brand new unit or are just ready for an upgrade, we’ve rounded up five of the best smart air conditioners for you, below. Pair them with your phone (to, say, cool down the house before you come home) or turn on one the units’ smart settings to make sure you’re cool and comfortable when you’re home, and saving energy when you leave for the day.



For a large portion of major US cities, any air conditioner that has enough power to cool 450 square feet will more than likely cool half of the entire space, which is why this smart window unit from Kenmore is a great solution for those in need of a powerful window unit. While it’s not quite as feature rich as some of the other offerings we’ll cover on this list, it does have enough smart functionality to likely be a game changer for many; the Kenmore mobile app allows for remote control on the unit, whether it’s while you’re on the go, or from the comfort of your bed (because who wants to get up to fuss with an A/C unit?)

It’s also just a quick setup from being fully Amazon Alexa-ready, which means you can then connect it to other Alexa-enabled devices for further customized control. With three cooling and fan speeds, it’s more than enough power to keep you cool on even the most brutal of warm days.

Kenmore Smart AC Unit Courtesy of Amazon



Okay, this is a bit of a cheat, but it’s a great one. With Sensibo’s smart controller, you’re just a few steps away from converting your existing air conditioner into a smart air conditioner. Just plug in the Sensibo sensor into a nearby outlet and then pair it with your unit’s infrared sensor. The app will walk you through the rest of the quick setup process and then you’ll officially be good to go. From there, you’ll be able to set cooling schedules, use voice commands (it’ll work with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant), or even set up location-based temperature adjustments. It’s a great solution for those that want a smart unit without having to pay to fully upgrade.

sensibo sky smart ac controller Courtesy of Amazon



If you’re looking for a total one-stop-shop solution for not only your cooling needs, but also heating and dehumidifying, this portable air conditioner from RolliCool is the ticket. Along with that added functionality, you can also use RolliCool’s app to make temperature adjustments, or use the built-in Amazon Alexa functionality for voice control. With coverage for up to 700 square feet, it’s a fantastic all-in one solution that’s bound to get lots of love, all year long.

rollicool alexa-enabled portable a/c unit Courtesy of Amazon



Sometimes when you see a product with a tech-y name, it can be hard to suss out its actual benefit. With this LG unit, that dual inverter jargon is more than just a name, as it speaks to the technical process in which the unit functions. The dual inverter allows for both top notch cooling (up to 500 square feet) and quiet operation (its total noise level is 44dB or about the sound of a bird cal), hence its namesake. But if that’s not enough, its added dehumidifying ability will make sure any of that awful summertime air that may sneak in from nooks and crannies of your unsealed windows doesn’t counteract the cool air. As with all smart units, you can control via an app and also has voice-activated control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s an expensive unit, but one that will more than pay for itself in features and cooling ability.

lg dual inverter portable ac unit. Courtesy of Home Depot




With its sleek looks, this looks more like a big speaker than an air conditioner. Frigidaire’s smart unit is probably the most aesthetically pleasing appliance we’ve seen in this category. The curved exterior is worthy of a 21st century product—and its feature set certainly reflects that: smart app control, integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and even custom scheduling. But our favorite thing is the stylish LED display that gives you the temperature in a clear, vivid way (which is the most critical information, after all). All together, it feels — and acts — as if it’s something you’d see on the The Jetsons. 

frigidair cool connect window smart ac unit Courtesy of Amazon