The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances To Make Home Life Easier

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It was only a matter of time before our home appliances got smart. With connected devices slowly becoming more and more standard in our daily lives, it only makes sense that smart tech would eventually come to the kitchen, too. WiFi-enabled appliances make it easier to tackle the day-to-day management of your home tasks, as a simple mobile app can let you start the dishes from home or ensure your water is ice cold after a long summertime workout.

It can be overwhelming to figure out where you should begin updating your kitchen with the latest and greatest bits of smart tech. Still, we’ve made that decision process a little easier by rounding up some of the best and most frequently used smart kitchen appliances. Specifically, we’re taking a look at how you store, cook, and clean up your food by highlighting smart refrigerators, smart microwaves, smart air fryers, and smart dishwashers. The latest and greatest across each segment, these selects will save you time, peace of mind, and maybe even a little cash too by being super energy efficient, easy to use, and extremely handy. After all, that’s the goal of a good smart kitchen appliance. Here are our favorites across each of the four categories.


The Best Smart Microwaves


1. Amazon Basics Smart Microwave

Amazon’s Basics Home line often does a great job at providing feature-rich products, and their smart microwave certainly falls within that category. The smaller and more compact size allows you to fit into your space without much of a hassle while still providing plenty of customization. Ten different power levels allow you to get that perfectly warm temperature, and you can even use the microwave with voice control if you have an Amazon Alexa device.

Amazon Basics Smart Microwave Amazon


2. GE Smart Microwave

GE’s Smart Microwave can connect to WiFi and with Amazon Alexa to allow you to control functions with your voice. The device also allows you to scan the barcode of a microwave meal and (essentially) uploads the instructions to your microwave, taking the guesswork out of making sure the food is hot enough each time. Plus, it means you can toss away that packaging without having to go and grab it out of the trash because you forgot what step came next. Plus, the compact size makes it easier to fit on your countertop along with all of your other trusted appliances.

GE Smart Microwave Amazon


The Best Smart Refrigerators


1. LG Smart Refrigerator with InstaView

LG’s smart refrigerator has plenty of buzzy features to get excited about, but the most notable one is their InstaView tech that allows you to get a glimpse at what’s inside your fridge with just two knocks on the panel. Now that’s a smart kitchen appliance if we’d ever seen one. From there, it lights up and allows you to peer in without ever opening the door and thus helps to keep your food fresher for longer. Additionally, connecting the fridge to the LG SmartThinQ app sends you notifications when your door is open or when the water filter needs to be replaced. Plus, you can even pair it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control.

LG Smart Refrigerator with InstaView Home Depot


2. Samsung Smart Counter French Door Refrigerator

Samsung’s Smart Counter refrigerator can connect to the SmartThigns app to give you direct control over the temperature and even monitor it remotely. The french doors are an elegant touch, bolstered by a fingerprint-resistant finish that can help combat everyday smudges. Plus, the Power Freeze and Power Cool functions allow you to quickly lower the temperature of food with just the press of a button.

Samsung Smart Counter French Door Refrigerator Home Depot


3. GE Profile Smart Refrigerator

The smart functionality of the GE Profile refrigerator allows you to ensure you have hot water on hand when you need it for the included (!) Keruig functionality and letting you send a burst of cold air through the unit after you’ve opened the doors to ensure all food items stay cold. Additionally, you can use voice control to execute these commands. Other storage functionality includes a slide down, a quick space shelf that can be tucked away when you don’t need it, and advanced water filtration.

GE Profile Smart Refrigerator  Home Depot


The Best Smart Air Fryers


1. COSORI Smart Air Fryer

COSORI’s smart air fryer, when paired with its corresponding mobile app, provides over 100 recipes for you to use as inspiration for your air frying. Additionally, the app provides notifications and reminders on your phone to make the cooking process even easier than it already is. Plus, you can create, modify, and save your own preset recipes in the app to use later on. The 13 different cooking functions give you all kinds of easy-to-use cooking methods, too.

COSORI Smart Air Fryer Amazon


2. Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer

With the added WiFi connectivity in the Proscenic T21 smart air fryer, it’s now even easier to fry your favorite foods. The Proscenic app allows you to control your air fryer down to the scheduling of the cooking, adjusting temperatures, and even customize your recipes. The combined three combination functions allow you to schedule your frying, adding another layer of flexibility. Plus, the detachable basket is totally dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze.

Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer Amazon


3. NuWave Bravo XL Air Fryer

The best of both a convection oven and an air fryer, the NuWave Bravo XL air fryer allows for easy convection cooking thanks to several presets and the ability to heat up to a temperature of 450 degrees making it easy to make pizza, waffles, or even baked goods. The included griddle plate makes it easy to grill indoors (made from non-stick aluminum). The included digital temperature probe will better help you figure out when your food is done so you don’t worry about overcooking, which, in our minds, is what small kitchen appliances are all about.

NuWave Bravo XL Air Fryer Amazon


The Best Smart Dishwashers


1. LG Top Control Smart Dishwasher

The connectivity of the LG Top Control smart dishwasher means you’ll get notifications on when your dishes are done or even lets you remotely start them to make it even easier to have clean plates for dinner. Boasting all kinds of energy efficiency features, the unit uses less water and less power while still making it, so all of your dishes are squeaky clean and ready to go. Additionally, the unit has plenty of space for dishes and glasses of a variety of sizes, making it so you can fill it fully without concern.

LG Top Control Smart Dishwasher Home Depot


2. GE Profile Smart Dishwasher

The built-in WiFi on this smart kitchen appliance from GE allows for remote control of your dishwasher. It provides a few other features that are rather handy in saving you time, like the ability to automatically reorder detergent when you’re low or even to check the rinse level. Additionally, deep cleaning jets for both your silverware and your bottles make those otherwise hard to clean items even easier.

GE Profile Smart Dishwasher Home Depot


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