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This Smart Stress Relief Ball Syncs With Your Smartphone

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We have smart TVs, smart fridges and even smart coffee makers, but a smart stress relief ball was something we never saw coming. Designed to help improve your grip strength and calm your nerves, this insanely ingenious (if not slightly excessive) feat of modern engineering comes with an included app you can download on your phone and actually sync to your stress ball.

Yup, you read that right. You can actually connect this stress ball to your phone and monitor your grip strength, try different exercises and even play various games with friends or by yourself. Ever wanted to get better at doing pull-ups without, you know, actually having to do pull-ups? This stress ball could help. By tracking and improving your grip strength, you can get a little workout while simultaneously letting go of some unwanted stress. It’s a win-win.

But more than just adding a new internet-connected device to your desk, the smart stress ball has some very real and practical applications. For those who type on a computer all day (looking at you, writers), the smart stress ball offers a break for your hands that will not only help you de-stress but also strengthen your fingers at the same time. Instead of sitting there squeezing away while staring at your ever-expanding workload, this stress ball comes with entertaining games to pull you away from your work. And for the avid climbers or frequent gym-goers, this little ball can work wonders. Imagine upping your grip and finger strength while taking a coffee break. In a world of connected devices, this one actually feels useful.

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While it may look like every other dollar store stress ball, this one is way cooler. (Plus, you know, it’s also way more expensive.) Sure, you can keep it on your desk at work, just make sure your coworkers don’t mistake it for one of their own.

So where’d the idea for a smart stress ball come from? The two men behind the ball, Roshy and Saket, met at Carnegie Mellon but eventually relocated to the Sunshine State, where their dream of taking over the wide world of IoT stress balls was finally realized.

Made from 100 percent silicone, this stress ball might be machine washable, but we wouldn’t risk it. Instead, use a damp washcloth to occasionally clean any unwanted residue and any other oily stuff. With various shipping options available (including one day), you can get a grip immediately while also working on stressing a bit less at work.

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Courtesy of SQUEEG