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This Standing Desk Allows You to Switch Between Standing and Sitting Because, Well, Sometimes You Still Want to Sit

Does quarantine involve a ton of sitting for anyone else? You go from commuting, walking up and down stairs and the general schlep of life to just sitting all day, every day. It’s a big shift that you’ll certainly feel physically if not mentally as well.

The average American office workers spends about 15 hours a day sitting, and now with quarantine in full swing we’re guessing that number might be even higher. That much sitting can have adverse effects on your legs, hips, spine, heart, neck and shoulders.

Sure, your home workout routine might be on point and you’re probably getting out at least once a day for that quarantine walk around the neighborhood, but if you’re looking for more flexibility in your work setup, we’ve got a solution for you.

A standing desk is a great option for those looking to shake up the sedentary work life and use more of their muscles during the day. But, you will also sometimes want to sit. Sitting all day doesn’t feel too great, but standing all day can get tiring. You want a situation where you can do both, and luckily they’ve built a work station that can do just that.

The VIVO Standing Desk Converter easily transitions from standing to sitting and is large enough to hold all of your monitors, keyboards, and other work equipment.

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Courtesy of Amazon
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Courtesy of Amazon

This desk riser from VIVO provides a standing desk setup you can adjust and modify based on your physical preferences, available space and even mood.

The highest surface measures 31.5″ x 15.7″, plenty of space for dual monitors. It’s also got a keyboard tray that measures 31.3″ x 11.8″ and raises alongside the top platform.

You transition from sitting to standing easily with the simple touch height locking mechanism, and the whole thing elevates straight upwards so it won’t interfere with neighbor furniture.

The riser is ready right out of the box so you can install on your home desk, place your equipment on it and get going almost immediately. It’s got a weight capacity of 33 lbs and can accommodate a wide range of heights and desk sizes with an adjustment range between 4.2″ and 19.7″.