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The Taotronics Ice Maker Makes Perfect Nugget Ice Right on Your Countertop

Ice lovers know best that the world’s best ice is nugget ice. There’s something about the shape, texture and consistency that hits the nail on the head with our favorite fountain sodas.

Best part of all? Post-slurp, nugget ice makes for a delicious soda-drenched snack to chew on hours after you’ve finished your drink. It’s ice with a second lifespan. You truly can’t go wrong with nugget ice.

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So here’s where we get to the annoying part regarding nugget ice. It is nearly impossible to have it at home.

Think about it really quick: when was the last time you had nugget ice? If the answer isn’t Sonic Drive-In, consider yourself lucky. Out of all the best refrigerators on the market, only a few very new models have begun installing nugget ice-making properties in their freezer units. Any old-school fridge? Forget about it. You’re SOL.

Or… are you?

If you find yourself behind the wheel en route to Sonic at least once a week just so you can chew on some ice, stop it. Turn around. Get back into your driveway. We’ve found a solution for all your nugget ice needs.

Introducing: Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker. The ice maker for your at-home or in-office countertop that creates nothing but mouthwatering nugget ice. Please hold for applause.

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Courtesy of RAVPower

The Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker isn’t your average ice cube tray. This baby has one job and one job only — to make nugget ice. No, it doesn’t make any other shape of ice, but nugget ice lovers know best that you won’t even need any other shape. Nugget > everything.

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This countertop machine can sit just about anywhere you have room in your home, restaurant or office space. It creates ice in record time at just 18 minutes and holds 3.3lbs at once. The machine can produce 26lbs total of nugget ice per day, making it an excellent option to have for those who can’t stop chewing.

The machine works in two different ways depending on how you decide to connect. For those who want continuous ice without manually filling, the Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker can connect to a water supply that automatically refills every time the bottom tub (under where the ice sits) is empty. For those that prefer manual ice making, fill the bottom tub with water to the line directed and wait for ice to be made in a matter of minutes. It’s that simple.

Taotronics’ Nugget Ice Maker gives off little to no noise, making it an easy option to keep in your kitchen without even realizing it’s there. It’s easy to clean with a provided ‘CLEAN’ button that flushes water through the system if done automatically. If you have it hooked up manually, clean yourself with some diluted detergent.

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Courtesy of RAVPower

Now, I have to be honest with you guys. Taotronics was nice enough to send an ice machine my way and I couldn’t have been more stoked, but the box was so dang big and heavy. Coming in at 16.7 x 9.5 x 16.7 inches, I realized I should have looked at the description before agreeing to have one sent to my tiny Brooklyn apartment. Until I had an idea.

Back in late July, my parents made a move from New Jersey to South Carolina and had all the room in the world for this ice machine. So, I helped them bring it down during their move and the rest is history. They’re obsessed. They send me photos every time they turn it on just to show me how cute the ice is.

Here’s one from yesterday:

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Courtesy of Author's Parents

It’s just that now the texts have become so frequent after I told my folks I’d be writing a story about it, I think they’re trying to come for my job.

Check out some humble mom content below.

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So, the real question is, just how much is the Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker?

Well, maybe close your eyes.

This baby will cost you upwards of $549, BUT, it is currently on sale for only $369.99 right now. And if you consider yourself a true nugget ice fan, you’ll realize that price is more than worth it by your first ice cycle.

You can purchase the Taotronics Nugget Ice Maker using the link below. Trust us, it will change the way you sip.