Chill Out (Finally) By Picking Up One of These Top-Rated Standing Air Conditioners

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With temperatures across the globe rising, it’s a pretty safe bet that dealing with horribly warm days is already or will soon be part of your summer. And while staying in the shade and minimizing movement can help to keep you comfortable, air conditioning would help greatly. If you have central air installed in your home and office, then you already have a plan in place. However, if your current plan of attack involves opening as many windows as possible and operating a dozen fans, then we may have a preferable option for you.

If you need air conditioning in your home or apartment but don’t fancy forking out thousands for a new centralized system or enduring the hassle of installing a window-mounted unit every spring, it’s time to look into buying a standing air conditioner. These handy A/C devices are free standing, plug into your home power sockets and only require a heat exhaust hose to be positioned outside the room or rooms you’re chilling.

Below you’ll find eight of the best free-standing air conditioners. Each model is highly portable (compared to window units) and can be rolled out or stored away whenever you don’t need it. Forget about sacrificing your windows for an ugly air conditioner and instead enjoy cool air and a great view thanks to these versatile air conditioners.

1. SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner


With its sleek, modern design and low energy consumption, the SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner ticks all the boxes. It features an especially lightweight construction along with multi-directional wheels to make moving it from room to room no problem at all. It also includes a remote control, preventing you from needing to get up to change the settings. Plus, it has optional, constantly moving vents to increase air circulation. Optional modes include dehumidifier, low noise, cool and fan.

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2. Evapolar EvaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler


With its compact design, the Evapolar EvaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler is ideal for use on desktops, bedside tables and other flat surfaces for cool air directed exactly where you want it. In addition to cooling, the device also humidifies air at the same time for an additional air chilling effect. One complete fill of the built-in tank can provide up to nine hours of running time, which makes the device perfect for cooling you down while you’re at work, at home or even while you sleep. This device also requires no heat exhaust, making it an easier-to-use option than many others on our list.

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3. LG Portable Air Conditioner


The LG Portable Air Conditioner is available in either black or white. It boasts the ability to cool rooms up to 220 square feet and also features a built-in auto evaporation system. In addition, the powerful air conditioner includes auto swing louvers to prevent hot spots in your home. For convenience and ease of use, you’ll find a large LED display panel on the device and a large LCD screen on the included remote.

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4. EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner


Using a dual hose design, the EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner is able to increase its air intake and output, delivering superior cooling results. The powerful unit is capable of cooling spaces up to 525 square feet with the option of cooling air down to just 61 degrees Fahrenheit. What makes the EdgeStar stand out against its competitors is the device can be used to heat your home during winter by reversing the process, allowing you to enjoy temperatures up to 89 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also have three fan speeds to choose from and a number of programmable features to maximize energy efficiency.

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5. Rollicool Portable Air Conditioner


If you like arriving home to a pre-cooled house, the Rollicool Portable Air Conditioner could be the choice for you. Not only can you use your smartphone and the accompanying app to control comfort modes, temperatures and timers, you’ll also be able to connect the device to Amazon Alexa to control any room’s temperature with nothing more than your voice. In addition, this smart air conditioner can heat air, too, making it a versatile option for households that see both extremes on the temperature scale.

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6. MIDEA Portable Air Conditioner


The MIDEA Portable Air Conditioner is a 3-in-1 device that fans, air conditions and dehumidifies a home environment with ease. The top display features easy-to-use buttons and an easy-to-read temperature gauge, giving you control over the mode, fan speed, swing and more. The device sits at 29 inches tall, meaning there’s plenty of height to evenly distribute air, while the built-in, rolling wheels ensure it’s never a big task to move the air conditioner between rooms.

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7. hOmeLabs Portable Air Conditioner


If cool air and a quiet environment are the priorities at the top of your list, then the hOmeLabs Portable Air Conditioner definitely fits the bill. It’s been designed to keep noise from airflow and vibration at a minimum while still cooling rooms up to 700 square feet. This feature is especially great for users with young kids and other sensitive sleepers. You’ll also find the device features swinging louvers to prevent hot spots and a built-in dehumidifying function for use in humid environments.

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8. Cool-Space Avalanche Swamp Cooler


For anyone looking to cool larger household or office spaces, the Cool-Space Avalanche Swamp Cooler may be the best choice for the job. Not only does it feature a 36-inch fan, it also has a massive 46-gallon tank built in to prevent the need for a permanently connected water supply. You’ll also be able to control the fan speed using the included controls and control the wind direction by adjusting the angle of the device physically as it’s mounted on adjustable, castor wheels.

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