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Caffeine Addicts: This Is the First Nitro Cold-Brew Coffee Maker for At-Home Use

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If you need your morning hit of caffeine in the form of a delicious cold-brew coffee, you have to earn it. You’re either making it on your own, every morning, or you’re stuck in line waiting to pay someone a pretty penny to do it for you.

But what if you could make a two-week supply yourself? At home? In a custom-built machine designed by master growler makers which also looks great on your kitchen counter, or even in your office?

The uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Maker by GrowlerWerks delivers on this, and then some. It’s one machine that brews, serves, and stores 12 frothy cups of your favorite cold-brew coffee for up to two weeks. Do it all in one day, and get back the other 11 days you would otherwise be brewing or queuing up for a six-dollar brew!

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen one of these before … you haven’t. The uKeg Nitro is the very first integrated nitro cold-brew coffee maker and dispenser. The GrowlerWerks team responsible for the uKeg — the best carbonated growler for craft beer aficionados — applied their technology to coffee, and the results are incredible.

The “nitro” is the key. Nitrogen cartridges infuse the cold brew with micro-bubbles of nitrous oxide while it’s being brewed or stored. The special nitro tap turbulates the cold-brew coffee as it dispenses, which leads to a full, cascading pour — watching the slow waves of bubbles is part of the fun! Cold-brewing coffee creates a sweeter, less-acidic brew, along with the creamy texture and rich taste you’ve been paying five bucks a cup for!

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Courtesy of GrowlerWerks

Making your cold brew with the uKeg Nitro could not be easier. Simply fill the supplied single-use filter bag with about two cups of the coarse ground coffee of your choosing, steep the cold brew under pressure with one of the supplied N2O cartridges for 12-24 hours. Then, remove the bag and top off the brew with clean water to dilute to your taste, then re-pressurize to serve.

That’s also part of the beauty of the uKeg Nitro: you can customize each batch to your liking. Want it stronger? Add more ground coffee, steep it longer, and skip the diluting. Don’t want to have to get peeled off of the ceiling first thing in the morning? Do a shorter steep and water it down, or use decaf grounds. It’s entirely up to you. You’re sure to get it right, and nobody’s going to misspell your name on the cup in your own house!

The uKeg Nitro’s double-wall 18/8 stainless-steel vacuum insulation keeps your custom brew cold all day, and the double-filtration system prevents clogs and keeps the cold-brew concoction flowing all day long. The custom pressure gauge guides the way to nitro infusion and freshness.

The uKeg Nitro comes with four filter bags and two Nitro cartridges. Replacement bags are available in 10-packs from GrowlerWerks, and the cartridges can also be bought there, or at many restaurant-supply stores.