These $14 Flashlight Gloves Help You See Your DIY Projects and Repairs More Clearly

flashlight gloves fingerless led lights
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Each pair of gloves comes with an LED light by the forefinger and thumb
* Useful for changing fuses, working on PC towers and servers
* Also just might complete your ’90s cyber goth look

Great around the house and garage, these LED flashlight gloves may look like something out of a cyberpunk rave movie, but they’re surprisingly practical. You could, of course, also get a fog machine going, crack up the hard techno beats and put on a light show. But, if you like doing actually useful things, these flashlight gloves are pretty handy around the house, in the garage and when it comes to home projects ranging from electronics to car repair.

LED Flashlight Gloves Courtesy Amazon

Here’s how they work: the gloves are made from a stretchy neoprene material, which comfortably fits over most hands. Choose a left hand or right hand glove, depending on which hand you use for repairs and handiwork. Then, simply press the ON/OFF button to get the light going and point your thumb or forefinger in the direction of where you can to go (or what you want to see).

Great for navigating dark corners, for hiking and camping, or for doing some sleuth spying at night, these gloves have a 4-star rating from more than 100 customer reviews online. Customers have also used them for manning sound boards at a concert, cleaning up in a power outage and when bike riding at night.

How much of DIY car repair consists of you telling your friend where to aim the flashlight? Especially when working on recent model cars, where sometimes you open the hood and can only assume that, beneath the complexity of plastic covers, the hummingbird’s nest of wires and hoses and black, unlabeled electronic modules, there is an engine; it helps to be able to shed light in dark crevices as you work. Then, once you’ve finally reset the computer on your BMW, you can keep the gloves on and head to the dance party.

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