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This 10-Foot-Long Charging Cable is Ridiculous, and Exactly What You and Your Smartphone Need

If you’ve ever sat on the floor in an airport or hung halfway off your bed because your phone was at 1% you know the struggles of having a power chord that is too short. You want to be able to give your phone the juice it needs and maintain your freedom at the same time, we get it.

Now that your smartphone is basically an appendage to your human body it’s time to free yourself of the confines of a standard charging cable, and give yourself and your device an upgrade.

Amazon sells a charging cable that is 10 feet long. Yes, 10 feet long and trust us when we say that each and every one of those feet is 100% necessary.

anker 10 foot long charging chord

Anker power chord, 10 foot long power chord

This charging cable from Anker is designed to give you and your phone quite the long leash as you charge and stream at the same time. It’s built with hard, protective and yet soft and flexible chord ends that are six times more durable than your standard charger when it comes to bend lifespan.

The reinforced connectors are designed to prevent splitting, and the double-braided nylon around the chord prevents knotting and tangles.

Give yourself the gift of the chord that keeps on going and never bend over backwards for a decent charge ever again.