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We Didn’t Think They Could Be This Cheap, But This 10W Wireless Charging Pad Is Under $5

This impressive wireless charging pad is on sale today for a truly ridiculous price. Normally $9.99, which isn’t a bad starting point, there’s a clip coupon to take 5% off, and entering the code 502UE7BI at checkout knocks a full $5.00 off, making the final price $4.49. That’s the kind of saving SPY can get behind, especially as the device itself is very capable.

This charger has a lot of the same features as the best wireless chargers, including multiple charging modes to allow it to charge a plethora of different devices, including fast charging for some Samsung devices. It has built-in safety features, including a thermal vent that helps to dissipate heat and will protect not only the charge itself but whatever it is charging.

It also has a sleep function that means the LED indicator turns off automatically after one minute, which means there’ll be no pesky distraction if it’s used overnight, and it’s quiet too. It can even charge most devices through a phone case, and everyone loves that kind of convenience. It’s definitely a little better for non-Apple users though, so owners of Apple devices may want to check out the best iPhone chargers as well, and get this one as a backup.

$4.49 $9.99 55% off

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This impressive charger comes with not only the wireless charging pad itself but also a cable and an AC adapter too. Aside from being almost too cheap, this charger is compatible with a massive array of different gadgets, has three different charging modes, making it even more ubiquitous, and has a thermal vent to make sure it doesn’t overheat when in use. It also makes no sound and emits no light, making it great for overnight charging too.