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Grab This 2-Pack Of Portable Chargers for Only $20 And Never Run Out Of Power Again

Good news for anyone who needs another portable charger, there’s a two-pack on sale at the moment that normally costs $98.99, but thanks to an 80% discount, is currently only $19.99, making it a smidge under $10 per power bank, which is an extraordinary price for a total capacity of 30,000 mAh and the ability to charge four devices at once.

Each of these chargers has a 15,000 mAh capacity, and two USB outputs, and is capable of fast-charging some devices as well. They also have a type-C input and a micro input for charging, making them flexible, and they can figure out the correct voltage to choose when charging devices to not only keep the device safe, but also charge it as fast as the power bank can.

They’re also sturdy, which means the user doesn’t have to worry about accidentally wearing them down, and they’re comfortable to hold. It makes them a great portable option for those who only need to keep something small charged and have no need of the best portable power stations. The only thing they’re lacking is good wireless charging, but then nobody would have any need for the best wireless chargers.

$19.99 $98.99 80% off

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This portable charger has a capacity of 15,000 mAh, which is enough to charge a phone a couple of times over, and also has two USB output ports to allow for multiple devices to be charged at once, and has intelligent controlling to automatically identify what voltage to use when charging any given device. Also, this is a 2-pack, so whoever buys this gets two of these excellent charges for incredibly cheap.