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Keep An Eye On Things Indoors Or Outdoors With This 2.5K Security Camera With A Spotlight At 81% Off

This impressive security camera has a massive 81% saving today if the coupon is clipped, which takes the price from $133.99 to $35.99. That’s an immense saving for sure, and the camera itself is filled to the lens with features that make it comparable to the best security cameras out there, especially at this amazing price.

This camera can be used indoors or outdoors, and works at any time of day thanks to not only 2.5K crystal clear picture quality, but also color night vision. This means the user can always see what’s going on in any footage the camera saves to either cloud storage or locally to an SD card. It also has motion and human detection, can always be used to see what it sees as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi, and it has a spotlight too.

It’s also fairly small, making it hard to spot, and it is easy to setup. It’s just a very solid all-around security camera, and being able to use it indoors or outdoors only adds to the versatility on offer. If something a little sneakier is needed, then SPY recommends checking out some of the best security camera light bulbs alongside this.

$25.99 $133.99 81% off

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This security camera can be used indoors and outdoors, and has a spotlight to scare off intruders, impressive color night vision, and both human and motion detection. Not only that, but it has 2-way audio, both cloud and SD storage, and works well with Alexa. It’s also impressively compact, and has 2.5K visuals for an incredibly clear picture.