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This 3-Pack Of Excellent iPhone Chargers Is Under $18 Today

This 3-Pack of iPhone chargers is normally $29.99, but thanks to a hefty 41% discount today, it’s only $17.59, which makes it less than $6 a charger, which is a bargain of the highest order. This 3-pack also includes three charging cables too, making it an excellent way to drastically improve the number of viable chargers in any home.

These chargers have some of the same features as the best iPhone chargers, including 20w fast-charging for that satisfying feeling of a full charge in under an hour, loads of safeguards to ensure the safety of every Apply device they’re charging, and the cables are six feet long, making them great even when under drawers or behind beds. They even have Apple MFi Chips for automatic recognition and proper compatibility with Apple devices.

The chargers can also be used for a variety of other devices too, provided the user has compatible cables. It’s just a nice little bonus if someone in the household isn’t an Apple fan. While these are wired chargers, which means they’re not as free as the best wireless chargers, the power of them and the value on offer here is incredibly hard to beat.

$17.59 $29.99 41% off

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This 3-pack of chargers also comes with three cables, making it an easy way to pick up some spares, or just make sure nobody has to worry about finding a charger again. Each one has the Apply MFi Chip and a USBC-C lightning cord to make sure that they all have complete compatibility with Apple devices, and will also charge them incredibly quickly, which is ideal nowadays. They also have a wealth of safety features to ensure the device they’re charging doesn’t burst into flames.