The Best AA Batteries for Everyday Use

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Even though more mobile devices are powered using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, there are still plenty of devices that require standard single-cell batteries, such as small AAA or large C batteries. One of the most widely used is AA, so it’s always a good idea to ensure you’re stocked up on enough AA batteries to keep all of your essential household electronics fully charged.

What to Consider Before Buying AA Batteries

AA batteries are handy in an emergency, as they can power tools like flashlights or smoke detectors in the event of a power outage. But they’re not just for your emergency kit; AA batteries can be used for toys, remotes, wall clocks and a host of other household essentials. When shopping for AA batteries, there are a couple of options to choose from. You can go for a standard disposable battery, which is always useful to have around the house. If you use battery-powered electronics a lot, you might instead opt for a rechargeable battery, which has the advantage of being more eco-friendly and economical.

Another factor to consider is the quantity you need. AA batteries are available in anywhere from four packs to 24 packs and beyond. Since batteries can last for years, it’s not a bad idea to stock up.  AA batteries aren’t seasonal items, they’re always in demand, and they have a long shelf life, so it isn’t easy to predict when they might be discounted or go on sale. That’s why if you notice a discount, it’s not a bad idea to pick some up, even if you don’t need them right now.

What We Looked for When Choosing the Best AA Batteries

We turned to trusted brands like Duracell and Energizer for batteries, as well as more economical players like AmazonBasics. We picked out standard and rechargeable AA batteries, so you can pick the ones that work best for you. Since aesthetics aren’t really a factor, we didn’t focus much on the color or design of the batteries, instead focusing on performance, value and quantity.

These are the AA batteries to pick up now.

1. Energizer AA Batteries

These batteries are a good option if you’re stocking up. These batteries come in a pack of 24, and the batteries last up to 10 years in storage. These batteries are from Energizer Max, so they’re long-lasting and reliable. In addition to this 24 pack, you can pick them up in a pack of 8, 12, or 48. They’re designed to avoid leaking as well.

Pros: Long-lasting batteries. Leak-resistant design. Lasts up to 10 years in storage. Available in a variety of pack sizes.

Cons: Some options may be more economical.

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2. Duracell – CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries

It’s hard to go wrong with Duracell, and these AA batteries are guaranteed to last 10 years in storage. There are 20 alkaline batteries included in this easy-to-open pack. You can also choose 10, 16 or 24 from this same listing. Duracell’s distinctive coppertop design makes it easier to tell which side is positive and which is negative, with the plus side being the copper-colored end.

Pros: Trusted brand. Easy to open package. Coppertop design makes it easier to tell plus from minus.

Cons: Some options may be more economical.

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3. Panasonic eneloop pro AA High Capacity

This four-pack of batteries is more expensive than some of the other larger packs on this list, but they’re ultimately a good value. That’s because you can recharge them many times, meaning that a single pack of batteries can potentially last for years. They arrive precharged, so you can use them right out of the pack. And while they do lose their charge over time, they can maintain up to 70% of their charger after 10 years in storage. To add to the eco-friendly appeal of these batteries, they’re precharged at a factory that uses solar power.

Pros: Long-lasting and rechargeable. Holds up to 70% of charge after 10 years in storage. Can be recharged up to 2,100 times.

Cons: Battery charger not included with these batteries.

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4. Energizer AA Lithium Batteries

If you need premium performance, then consider these long-lasting batteries. They’re lithium, rather than the standard alkaline. That means that they can last for up to 20 years in storage, and they can continue to function in extreme temperatures. That makes them a good option for outdoor use, such as home security cameras, where performance and reliability are paramount.

Pros: 20-year life in storage. Leak-proof design. Capable of performing in extreme temperatures.

Cons: More expensive than standard alkaline batteries.

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5. Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger

If you want rechargeable batteries but don’t have a battery charger, then pick up this option, which includes four AA batteries and a charging dock that plugs directly into the wall. The charging dock has light indicators that tell you when the battery is charged, which it can do in as little as four hours. If you leave them overnight or forget about them, the dock shuts off to protect the batteries. The dock can also be used for rechargeable AAA batteries.

Pros: Four AA batteries come with a charging dock, which can accommodate AA or AAA batteries.

Cons: Batteries are not available in larger quantities from this listing.

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6. Amazon Basics 20 Pack AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then pick up these batteries from AmazonBasics, which are available in an 8 count, all the way up to a 72 count. The price shown for these batteries is for a 10 count. They’re designed to resist leaking, and they have a 10-year shelf life. The batteries ship in packages that are easy to open for added convenience.

Pros: Ship in easy to open boxes. Available in a range of different quantities. Budget-friendly.

Cons: May not be quite as long-lasting as Duracell or Energizer.

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