Meet Ada: Your New Personal Pocket Physician

Meet Ada AI: a New Health
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* New app offers medical advice and helps with diagnosis
* Info can then be shared with nearby physician
* Already the most downloaded medical app in 100+ countries

Not satisfied with your Google self-diagnosis? There’s an app for that.

Meet Ada AI. This intelligence-powered app acts as a personal assistant to help diagnose your symptoms and offer advice. The possibilities are endless, and at barely a year old it’s already the most downloaded medical app in more than 120 countries.

Developed by a team of over 100 leading doctors and scientists in Berlin, Ada interacts with you and asks questions about your symptoms to come up with a more accurate diagnosis. The AI was made to learn over time, customizing its advice based on your unique profile. Theoretically, the more you interact with Ada, the smarter it becomes.

Ada records your information and then stores it in an encrypted cloud. Users then have the option to share their info with a nearby physician, who will then be able to look at the logs and potentially offer a more precise and accurate service.

Coincidentally, doctors seem to be on board too. Because Ada is so inclusive, it’s able to catch symptoms that may otherwise not have been mentioned during in-person interactions. People seem more comfortable entering minute and often highly personal details into an app rather than talk to someone about it, giving the AI a much more accurate and honest symptom checklist to pull from.

The goal is to help soothe fears and to keep people from wasting their time (and money) on needless doctor visits. Daniel Nathrath, Ada Health’s CEO, says this app could help people get easy access to healthcare without having to spend hundreds — or thousands — of dollars. “U.S. health care costs are the highest in the world and on the rise,” says Nathrath. “Digital health technologies like Ada have the ability to cut costs significantly and improve access to health care for all Americans.”

Note that Ada isn’t and shouldn’t be a replacement for a doctor; instead, it hopes to work together with physicians to help provide consumers with more information and easier access to healthcare.

The Ada Personal Health Companion is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.