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Keep Your Desk Clear Of Clutter With The 66% Savings On This Adjustable Laptop Desk Mount

This desk mount can help clear away some mess from any desk, and it’s currently on sale. The full price is normally $69.99, but Amazon has it at 29% off anyway, which can then be further reduced with a 10% clip coupon, and by entering the code 2UKQUSMQ at the checkout for a massive 66% reduction, putting the final price at $23.99. Needless to say, that’s a lovely mix of savings that make this a great deal.

This laptop and monitor stand can attach either via a C clamp or with a grommet mounting kit, making it useful for a variety of different desks and circumstances. It’s also height adjustable, and both the laptop stand and monitor arm can be swivelled to better suit the circumstances at the time. It can hold weights up to 22 pounds as well, so it should suit most monitors up to 27 inches.

This is a perfect addition to any work-from-home setup, or even gaming setup, where there tends to be a lot of extra clutter like post-it notes or controllers. It’ll also comfortably hold the best laptops and best monitors too. It’s just a great little space-saver, which is something that’s always worth investing in.

$23.99 $69.99 66% off

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This mount has a few adjustable points, making it perfect for those who require flexibility, and it has a space for a laptop and a computer monitor. It’s an excellent way to clear any clutter from a desk, and can handle weights up to 22 pounds as well, which should be more than enough for most setups. The monitor mount is also very easy to remove thanks to detachable VESA plates, so it really is an excellent choice for a workspace that needs to change regularly.