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Amazon vs. Apple: Alexa and Siri Are Fighting For Your Hotel Room

* Amazon and Apple both testing voice assistants at Aloft Hotel
* Marriott International deciding on which service to use
* Alexa and Siri will make hotel stay more customer friendly

Two of the world’s most famous names are fighting for a spot in your hotel room.

The latest news pits Amazon’s Alexa against Apple’s Siri, with both voice-powered assistants vying for a spot in Marriott’s “Aloft” chain of hotels. Marriott is currently testing both services at the Aloft Boston Seaport location to help the company make a decision.

Though the Aloft chain only has 130 hotels in the U.S. currently, this decision could prove to be big business for whichever company Marriott chooses. Aloft has plans to open 100 more hotels in the next few years, and the Marriott brand is a huge name internationally, with more than 5000 properties around the world.

The new voice assistants will do everything from playing your favorite music and TV shows, to calling reception. They’ll eventually also be programmed to control the lights and blinds in your room, order you room service and call you an Uber.

Currently, many hotel rooms have Apple iPads that control the lighting and display daily information, like the weather, things to do and hotel happenings. The Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, meantime, installed the Amazon Echo in nearly 5,000 hotel suites back in December.

According to a Bloomberg report, it’s unclear if hotel guests will be able to log-in to their own accounts on these devices, or rather have access to the hotel’s pre-approved settings. Still, this Marriott decision could lead to more tech companies using hotels as a way to introduce and display their latest gadgets and gear. If customers like using the Amazon Echo in their room, for example, they may be more tempted to buy one when they get home — or better yet, buy one directly from the hotel.