Amazon Unveils Alexa-Enabled, Hands-Free Camera and Style Assistant

Amazon Echo Look
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* New “Echo Look” equipped with Alexa technology
* Program device to take photos with voice command
* Built-in LED lighting for easy, flattering pics

In 1995, high school girls going to see Clueless in theaters swooned over Cher Horowitz’s personal computer-enabled styling advice. Forgetting how odd it seems that the richest, most popular and best-dressed girl in Beverly Hills needed software assistance to pair her yellow tartan skirt with a jacket of the same pattern, it was pretty awesome that she got a preview of how she’d look in the outfit.

echo look

Over 20 years later, Amazon is giving you the same treatment with Echo Look, a voice-controlled selfie camera that lets you see yourself from every angle before settling on a look. Equipped with built-in LED lighting, a depth-sensing camera, and automatic background blur, Echo Look lets you snap full-length photos and record short videos, all by simple voice command.

Not only can you use Echo Look to create a personal lookbook and share photos, but you can also use it to get a second opinion on your outfits. The Style Check function uses algorithms and advice from professional stylists to help you decide on what to wear. All you have to do is create two photos to get an opinion on which looks better, based on fit, color, styling and trends.

Since it’s an Alexa device, Echo Look can do all the same things as other Alexa devices, like reading the news and audiobooks, setting alarms, updating you on traffic and the weather, controlling smart home devices and playing music. Now go ahead and indulge in clips from Clueless:

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