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Amazon’s Latest Alexa Device Keeps You Connected With Friends & Family

* Echo Show is the Alexa device that makes video calls
* Available for pre-order now
* Ships on June 28

Amazon’s latest device to incorporate all of the classic Alexa functions, like streaming music and providing weather reports, will now help you stay connected to more than just your home, reports Tech Crunch. Equipped with a 7-inch screen, the all-new “Echo Show” also makes video calls.

Echo Show will begin shipping on June 28, but Amazon is already taking pre-orders for the company’s latest Alexa device. It’s selling for $229.99 and is available in your choice of white or black.

Like we said, you’ll be able to use the new device to make hands-free video calls to anyone else with an Echo Show or the Alexa App. If your friends all have the Echo or Echo Dot, you can make voice calls.

Video calls aren’t the only thing that has tech heads geeked about the Echo Show. One of the cool features is on-screen lyrics to accompany Amazon Music. The screen also lets you keep an eye on things, like the baby monitor and security cameras.

Other key features that have us excited are the powerful Dolby speakers and improved responsiveness. Because it’s equipped with eight microphones, beam-forming technology and noise cancellation, Echo Show can hear what you’re saying no matter what’s going on.

Amazon hopes the release of the Echo Show will help it continue its dominance in the smart home market, especially with news that Apple is hoping to tap into the market with a device of its own very soon.