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Act Now! Amazon’s Marked Down the Echo Show 5 to Its Lowest Price This Year Ahead of Prime Day

Great news, Amazon shaved even more off Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen), making it $35 for a limited time. This latest deal is better than the one from last month when the same smart display was discounted down to $50. Without question, this is the lowest price we’ve seen it so far this year, which is as close to a Prime Day deal you can get now.

If you’re not convinced by this deal, then just know it typically sells for $84.99 on Amazon. Sweetening the package, Amazon also has several other Echo Show deals going on right now with discounts up to an astounding 63% off.

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Why these Amazon Echo Show Smart Displays Are Great Deals

  • Discounts from 32% to 63% off
  • Bundle deals package two devices
  • Instant savings from $55 to $75
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers

Here’s a quick rundown on some other smart displays and bundle deals you can take advantage of right now.


What We Love About These Amazon Echo Show Smart Displays

Equipped with Alexa, the Echo Show smart display can do just about everything under the sun. Use it to manage your calendar, stay in touch with the world, control smart home devices and more. Getting the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) for the price of the Echo Dot smart speaker is one of the best Amazon deals we’ve seen in a while, so take advantage of the savings while you still can.

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In addition to its large clock display that appears on its eight-inch touchscreen display, it helps you manage day-to-day tasks, check out weather forecasts, traffic, calendars, recipes with step-by-step instructions and beyond. We like to use the Echo Show as a smart alarm clock, but it’s got plenty to offer in every single room of your home.

Are you looking for entertainment? The Echo Show also has you covered in that arena. Alexa will quickly guide you to your favorite tv shows, movies, radio stations, podcasts, audiobooks, and games with a simple ask. You can even spruce up your karaoke nights by getting on-screen lyrics with Amazon music.

If convenience and safety are your top priority, rest assured the Echo Show’s got that handled too. Use it to control the smart devices and appliances around your home, view security cameras, operate lighting and thermostats and program it to handle the security of your space when you’re away from home.

Are you worried about your privacy with these Echo Shows? No need; these devices have layers of privacy built-in. Your voice commands are only sent to the cloud after using the wake word “Alexa.” You can also turn the microphone and camera off while the additional shutter lets you cover the camera entirely if desired.

Keep in touch with friends and family over a video call through the device’s speaker and camera, add photos to keep memories on display, monitor your baby’s sleep, etc. The specs and list of tasks this device can manage literally go on and on.

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