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The Echo Show Is Now Available

* Add voice-activated video to your Alexa service with the Echo Show
* Includes two built-in Adobe speakers and eight different microphones
* New touchscreen functionality makes your Echo better than ever

We wrote about it before, and now we’re pleased to announce the Echo Show is finally available. It’s everything you love about Alexa, only now it includes a bunch of new features. You can take advantage of Alexa’s new video-and-speaker combo to see, do and hear even more.

Keep tabs on every room in your house with the Show’s compatible video cameras. You can also take hands-free video calls or stream Spotify and Pandora songs with a single command. With thousands of new skills added daily, your Echo is, quite literally, getting better every day.

The Echo Show includes eight powerful microphones that are able to zero-in on your voice no matter where you are. From the upstairs bedroom to the crowded kitchen table to (gulp) the muffled bathroom in the corner of your house, the Echo’s able to tune out distractions and tune into your voice.

More than that, it also includes two extra-powerful speakers to help fill any room with ultra-crisp sounds. You can have Alexa display song lyrics as you sing along to your favorite tunes. And let’s not forget about the new Drop In feature. Perfect for staying in touch with friends and family, simply add a user to your Drop In list to send and receive mass videos and texts instantly. Keep in touch with the kids away at school, or stay up-to-date with your family across the country

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