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Here’s Why You Should Pre-Order The Echo Show

* Beautiful 7-inch touchscreen adds more features to your Echo
* Includes eight microphones and two built-in Adobe speakers
* Offers the same features as the Echo, only now with an added touchscreen

Meet the Echo Show, Amazon’s newest smart speaker with a built-in touchscreen. It promises to bring you all the same services as Echo, only now with added video and audio support.

Using integrated touchscreen connectivity, you can stay current on the what’s happening around you. Check your calendar instantly, watch the latest breaking news videos, or look up new recipes with a single command. You can even connect it to your home’s smart devices to check your nursery camera, adjust the lights, close the garage door and much, much more.

Utilizing eight powerful microphones and impressive beam-focusing technology, the Echo Show is able to tune out outside noises and zero-in on your voice no matter where you are or how loud the room is. Even more impressive is the new Drop In feature, which is great for friends and family. Simply add your loved ones to your Drop In list and send mass videos and messages instantly.

With two built-in Adobe speakers, the Echo Show is also able to fill every room with sound. You’re able to blast your favorite songs with crystal-clear clarity. You can even look up song lyrics as you’re singing along. The best part: you can do it all with just your voice.

Simply plug it in, hop online and instantly sync it to your Alexa service. With new skills and updates constantly being added, the Echo is literally getting smarter every day.

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