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Halo Rise Tracks Your Sleep, But Doesn’t Require You to Wear a Tracker

Sleep trackers are wonderful, but having to wear something, whether it’s on your wrist or around your neck, can sometimes feel odd as you sleep. Amazon wants you to sleep in peace, without the distractions of having on a wearable to track your sleep.

That’s exactly the intent of the Halo Rise, which is part smart clock, smart light, and sleep tracker. Not only does it feature a fancy halo light to help with waking and sleeping, but the best part is that it leverages contactless sensors and machine learning to track your sleep in bed. That means you won’t have to wear anything.

Amazon Halo Rise


What We Love About the Halo Rise

First of all, the Halo Rise is one of those multi-purpose smart devices that can do so much more. Sure, its core function is to track your sleep in bed, but it also offers the functions of a smart alarm and smart  light. This eliminates the the clutter that would accumulate by your bedside, so less clutter is appreciated.

Secondly, as much as wrist or neck worn sleep trackers can help monitor your sleep at night, they can often feel uncomfortable. There’s no worry of that with the Halo Rise because you don’t need to wear anything in order for it to track your sleep. Instead, it leverages contactless, low-energy sensor technology and machine learning.

Amazon Halo Rise

Using this technology, it’ll be able to sense respiration and movement patterns while you sleep — including stages such as REM, light, and deep sleep. When you wake up, you’ll receive a detailed summary of your sleep.

Halo Rise

On top of that, there are environmental sensors that that will measure the room’s temperature, humidity, and light levels to provide users with recommendations. For example, it may be able to determine that cooling your room may improve how you sleep. With its unique looking semi-circle light fixture, it will automatically adjust its color temperature to help with your sleeping and waking routines.

Finally, you can also tap other Alexa devices you own to work in conjunction with Halo Rise to pair other smart lights to brighten or dim your room’s lighting — just to make it conducive in helping out with your sleeping pattern.


Pricing and Availability

The Halo Rise is available for pre-order right now at $139.99, which also comes with a 6-month Halo membership for free. Once the free trial period ends, it will cost $3.99/month for the Halo membership.

Interestingly, you don’t need the Halo membership in order to use the Halo Rise. In fact, you’ll have access to its core features such as sleep tracking, alarm clock, wake up light, and other sleep related content. Through Amazon’s listing of the Halo Rise, it states that the membership “provides access to even more features designed to improve sleep and enhance your health.”