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We’re Having Prime Day Deja Vu With $60 Kindle Deal on Amazon

Prime Day is one of the best times to snag a deal on a Kindle. The other best time, apparently, is right now. The Kindle with a built-in front light is on sale for just $60 and includes three months of Kindle Unlimited. That means you can pick up an e-reader and more books than you hope to read in a lifetime for less than a PS5 game.

The Kindle deal won’t last long since stock will likely sell out quickly. If you need a way to downsize your bookshelves into something lightweight and portable, it’s hard to go wrong with a Kindle. Even book purists can get behind the Kindle deal, as it looks like reading from paper.

Please note that this deal specifically covers the white, ad-supported Kindle. As a reference point, the exact same black Kindle is currently selling at the full price of $89.99. In addition, premium Kindles such as the Paperwhite are also on sale today.

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What Makes the Kindle Deal Great

  • Originally $90, now only $60
  • 33% off its original price
  • Instant savings of $30
  • Free shipping for Prime members
  • Three free months of Kindle Unlimited, another $30 value

What We Love About the Kindle

There’s something about the smell of books that’s easy to love, but those old books also take up a lot of space. And tend to be expensive. If you love reading but lack the budget or the space to have a proper library, the Kindle lets you store thousands of books on something the size of a small tablet.

A single charge will last for weeks of constant use, and it only takes a few hours to recharge once the battery dies. Avid readers will find themselves glued to the screen, and if you’re ever wonder what book you’d like to take to a deserted island, good news: the Kindle lets you take nearly your entire library.

The display has a resolution of 167 pixels per inch to give the illusion of reading on a real piece of paper, and you can adjust the brightness to your preference. It works great in direct sunlight or in the dark after you go to bed.

Perhaps one of the best features is that you can pair a set of Bluetooth headphones to your Kindle and enjoy audiobooks on it, too (although they take up more space than an ebook).

You can customize your Kindle to your own tastes with covers and protective cases. Although there is same-day delivery, if you don’t want to wait to start reading, the Kindle App on your iOS or Android device will let you dive into books immediately and then sync to where you left off as soon as your Kindle arrives.

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