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Price Drop: Amazon Kindles Are Super Cheap Right Now – Prices Start at $60

We’ve got good news: Amazon has seriously dropped prices on popular Kindles, with basic versions of the e-reader selling for just $60 right now. That’s only $5 more than the Prime Day price, which Amazon assured us was the lowest price you would ever see for a Kindle.

Amazon has churned out some fantastic devices that help make our lives easier, including the Amazon Alexa speaker, Ring video doorbell and the Amazon Kindle. While there are other types of e-readers and tablets on the market, the term “Kindle” is pretty much synonymous with e-readers at this point. The lightweight, thin devices have a paper ink display that’s easy to read in all light conditions, and for people with crowded bookshelves, they make it easy to read new books without buying physical copies that will just take up space and collect dust.

The Kindle has become a travel companion for many a bookworm who want to carry around their favorite volumes without actually having to carry them around. Kindles offer the ability to read your favorite books anywhere and download new ones at the drop of a hat, so you’re never without some interesting content to consume. Amazon is also currently offering their whole line of Kindles at more than 25% off their original price, so if you’ve been on the fence about treating yourself, or if you need a gift for a loved one, then now’s the time to act.

Some of the top Kindle deals are ending soon, so don’t wait too long! We’ve got all the details below. (The selection in bold our our top recommendations based on our testing.)

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Best Deals on Amazon Kindles

Amazon’s original Kindle is up to 33% off its original price, and now has a built-in front light for even easier reading. It has a 167 ppi display that’s glare-free so the pages appear like real paper even in direct sunlight. It also has adjustable brightness so you can augment your reading experience day or night, indoors or outdoors. With 8GB of storage, it can hold thousands of titles easily, and you can read distraction-free, mark up pages, look up definitions and change the font size if need be.

This basic version of the Kindle is available in an ad-supported and ad-free version, and we recommend the latter. The price isn’t that much higher, but the experience is noticeably improved. That being said, we’ve included links to both options below. This is close to the lowest price we’ve ever seen on these devices, and we don’t expect prices to be this low again until Prime Day 2022. We recommend you take advantage of these top Kindle deals while you can.

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Best Deals on Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite specializes in appearing just like normal paper even in direct sunlight, with a 300 ppi anti-glare screen that’s now waterproof, so you can read at the pool or beach without worry. It comes in an 8GB and 32GB model, and has Audible built-in as well so you can listen to your favorite audiobook. A single battery charge will last you for weeks, and it’s got an adjustable light as well so you can read comfortably anywhere. Right now you can save up to $45 on the original price of this popular e-reader, one of the best Kindle deals you’ll find in July 2021.

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Deals on Kindle Kids’ Edition

A love of books hopefully starts at a young age, and this Kindle Kids edition has a whole bunch of functionality built specifically for youthful readers. It comes with a kid-friendly cover attached and weeks of battery life. It’s not a tablet, so it doesn’t have games or chat features that distract kids from reading. It comes with the complete Harry Potter series already loaded onto it, required reading for kids if you ask us, as well as a 2-year warranty, because mishaps happen with kids.

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