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Amazon Kindle Scribe Gives Users That Pen Meets Paper Experience

Amazon Kindle fans have something to be excited about. During Amazon’s fall device event, the retail giant introduced its latest Kindle reader — the Amazon Kindle Scribe. Call it a longtime in the making, but this latest Kindle bridges reading and writing into one intuitive device that supplements the Kindle’s functionality beyond just being a simple e-reader. That’s because it comes with a pen that never requires charging, offering users the ability to edit documents on the go. You can snag yourself a pre-order right now for $339.99.

Amazon Kindle Scribe


What We Love About the Amazon Kindle Scribe

First and foremost, this wouldn’t be a worthy Kindle if it didn’t have a good screen. There’s a 10.2-inch display with the same 300 ppi (pixel per inch) pixel density seen with the last few iterations of the Kindle. However, this is by far the largest screen to grace a Kindle with its whopping 10.2-inch glare-free display in a svelte 5.8mm body. Add to that, its auto-adjusting front light ensures you’ll be able to read every detail whether it’s dark or light out.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

Of course, the coolest feature of the Kindle Scribe is the included pen that ships with it. Two options are available, the basic and premium pen, with both options tethered to the Kindle by magnets and require no charging. The premium pen features a dedicated eraser and a shortcut button for a little more. Regardless of what you choose, it simply adds new functionality that weren’t available to previous Kindles.

In addition to drawing and writing with the pen, features coming out in early 2023 will users the ability to make notes in documents and PDF files. There will also be a journal function that would include templates  such as line paper, to-do lists, and much more. Now you won’t have to lug around a heavy binder because the Kindle Scribe cam cram everything you need to stay organized.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

Amazon’s also pretty confident about its battery life, which the company mentioned to last for “weeks and weeks” before needing a charge. With minimal upkeep, this could very well be the perfect device to keep people organized.


Pricing and Availability

Amazon’s Kindle e-readers have always been traditionally affordable. In fact, they make some of the best Christmas gifts because of their low price points. With the Amazon Kindle Scribe, you’ll have to fork over $339.99 for it — or $369.99 for the version with the premium pen. Yes, it’s up there compared to other Kindles, but it opens a whole new level of opportunity with its paper meets pen experience.

Amazon Kindle Scribe Pen


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