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Heads Up: Your Future Amazon Delivery Might Come From the Sky

* Amazon has filed patent for new parachute-enabled drone delivery service
* New service could help Amazon deliver more packages by air
* Exact dates and details are still forthcoming

Commercial delivery drones have been under production for a while now, though the thought process behind when and how they should be used is still up in the air (pun intended).

Amazon first unveiled renderings of its “Prime Air” drone (pictured above) a couple years ago, but the program is still in development. It also faced concerns over public safety, privacy and security.

Now, Amazon hopes to circumvent current drone laws by filing a patent for a hybrid drone delivery service. The parachute-packing system includes its own label service could soon lead to more packages being delivered by air.

The patent includes “a parachute to enable the packages to be dropped from the aerial vehicle, yet land at the package’s destination without damage.” If anything, the new patent shows how Amazon is still working on bringing future deliveries to the skies.

Amazon’s current drone delivery system is outlawed in the U.S. By bringing this new plan to life, they could essentially circumvent current drone laws that prohibit unguided door-to-door delivery.

Amazon has stated how the new packaging system would be able to adjust itself according to the size and weight of each delivery and would even include parachute cords, shock absorbers and an adhesive packing to make sure dropped items remained safe and intact. It would also allow Amazon to use drones without having them fly on or near a person’s doorstep.