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Here Are All The Perks And Benefits You Get From an Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is rapidly approaching, and we’ve got tons of content to help you not only get through this massive shopping event in one piece, but score some pretty awesome deals in the process. Here are a few pieces worth checking out during your prep for Amazon’s biggest sales event of the entire calendar year:

We’ll definitely be publishing more, so stay tuned, but you can’t access any of the amazing deals without a Prime membership. If you’ve been on the fence about getting one, you should know there are a whole bunch of benefits to having one. You probably know about a few already, but there are probably more you’re not aware of. Thankfully, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to.


The Best Amazon Prime Benefits

Benefit 1: Fast and Free Delivery

If you’ve ever been on Amazon’s website, you’re most likely aware of Prime’s most famous perk. You get free 2-day and sometimes 1-day delivery on Prime-friendly products, of which there are some in nearly every category imaginable. This is the perk that really set Amazon apart from other retailers, and is totally included in your Prime membership.

Benefit 2: Major Savings on Pharmacy and Grocery

You get free two-day shipping on prescriptions from Amazon Pharmacy and can save money with Amazon grocery at Whole Foods and other enrolled grocery stores.

Benefit 3: Access to Award-Winning Movies & TV Shows

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Access to award-winning Amazon Originals movies and TV shows is included in your Prime membership, and you can stream them easily on your laptop, tablet or phone.

Benefit 4: Perks for Gamers With Prime Gaming

Gamers can get free games, in-game items and a free channel on the streaming platform Twitch with their Prime Membership via Prime Gaming.

Benefit 5: Access to 2 Million Ad-Free Songs                                                          

Prime members also get access to 2 million ad-free songs on Amazon Music and access to an exclusive library of songs on the platform.

Benefit 6: Access to Thousands of eBooks, Magazines, Comics and Audible Books With Prime Reading

If you’re a bookworm, Prime is a worthwhile investment. You get access to eBooks, comic books, Audible titles and more free with your membership.

And these are just a few of the many fantastic perks you get from being an Amazon Prime member. If you’d like to read more about the membership in more detail, you can find more information and sign up on Amazon’s website.


Where Can I Get an Amazon Prime Membership?

If you’re interested in starting a Prime membership, the good news is you get a 30-day free trial of Prime when you first sign up. So, if you sign up today, you’ll get access to all the Prime Day deals without paying your first month’s membership fees. Score!

You can download a Prime membership on Amazon’s website. There’s no commitment and you can cancel at any time.


How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost?

Amazon Prime memberships cost $12.00/month or $119.00 per year. You can also qualify for discounts on your Prime membership if you’re a student or have an EBT card or receive government assistance.


How Can I Sign Up For Amazon Prime?

You can sign up for Amazon Prime and get access to all the best Amazon Prime Day deals on their website. If you sign up before June 21, you’ll get access to the full two days of major savings on hot ticket items like TVs, laptops, fashion, skincare and more. Signing up is easy, there’s no commitment and you can cancel at any time.