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This 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Can Fit Even The Most Cluttered Desk

Three-in-one chargers are something special. They make it possible to keep all of your devices in one spot (usually beside the bed or on your desk). The downside is that they’re usually pretty bulky and don’t always fit where you’d like. If your desk is filled with clutter and you find it hard to position a charger in just the right way, the Ampere Horizon charger might be exactly what you’re looking for.

It comes with eight different charging positions. The one-of-a-kind hinges make it possible to position the Horizon in a variety of different configurations to work around the clutter of your desk. The Ampere Horizon has an estimated price of $199, and is launching on Indiegogo with a shipping date of March 2023.


What We Love About The Ampere Horizon

The Horizon strikes a balance between the two main types of chargers on the market: those that are made for travel, which tend to be flat and easy to pack, and those made for use on desks, which are large and bulky. While both have their uses, it would be better to have a charger that combined both qualities, and that’s what the Horizon aims to do. It can be folded to the perfect angle for Facetime, for charging your Apple Watch, or for powering up AirPods, but it can also be folded down to be just 0.5-inches in width for travel.

The Ampere Horizon is also “Made for MagSafe” and “Made for Apple Watch,” which means it bears the necessary certifications to continue working no matter the protocols Apple brings to the table. It’s essentially a future-proofed device against any upcoming updates.

The Horizon is made of aircraft-grade recycled aluminum. It’s attractive to look at, but is also tremendously efficient with regard to heat distribution. It’s designed to optimize airflow and keep your devices cool, even when charging or in full use. Like modern Apple products, the Ampere Horizon is also completely recyclable, so you can use it without guilt.


Ampere Horizon Pricing and Availability

The Ampere Horizon is launching on Indiegogo today with an estimated MSRP of $199. It’s slated to begin shipping in March 2023.

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