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The Incredible Anker Nano Pro Charger Is Only $12 Today

Today’s a great day to pick up this Anker Nano Pro Charger, because not only is it incredibly useful, but it’s currently 29% off, which means it’s only $11.99. That’s an excellent price whether it’s going to be used as a backup charger for the bedside, or just one to sit in a travel bag for those little emergencies that can pop up when going on adventures as an adult.

The Anker Nano Pro Charger does a good job of being an excellent charger for nearly any device lying around the house, making it a solid choice in all situations. Sure, it’s not as fancy as Florhseim’s Shoe charger, and it doesn’t have the same utility as some of the best wireless chargers, but it does a very good job, and at just under $12, it’s a very hard thing to argue with, not that anybody would want to.

This USB-C charger can bring an iPhone up to 50% charge in 25 minutes, has a variety of safety features including a dynamic temperature sensor to make sure it never overheats and a power tuner chip to protect what it’s charging. It’s also incredibly compact, which makes it great for holidays, or just travelling for work. It’s a very solid charger that’ll get the job done well, and done quickly.

$11.99 $16.99 29% off

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This charger is useful because everyone needs an extra charger now and then, and it’s got a good saving on it too. Of course, its utility is the actual selling point, and the Anker Nano Pro Charger charger devices with 20W, making it a solid midrange option and capable of fast-charging a lot of devices too, even managing to bring an iPhone up to 50% in just 25 minutes. It’s also incredibly compact, making it a perfect choice for a bag or suitcase.