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This Extra-Wide Anker Surge Protector Actually Has Room for All Your Chargers — Now Just $19 at Amazon

How many times have you tried to plug something in, only to discover that a nearby plug takes up all of the available space?

This is particularly a problem with companies like Google, whose Google Assistant hogs outlet space, or with something like the Nintendo Switch outlet. MacBook users also have this problem thanks to Apple’s chunky, square-shaped chargers.

(Pro tip: if you haven’t already upgraded your MacBook charger, check out Anker’s new compact GaN chargers.)

Most outlets aren’t built with devices like that in mind, but this extra-spacious Anker Surge Protector offers larger spacing between AC outlets, along with three USB-A ports, for one of the most spacious power strips you’ve ever seen.

Plus, this extra-wide surge protector recently got a price drop on Amazon, where it’s currently selling for just $20.

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Courtesy of Anker

What Makes This Anker PowerIQ Surge Protector a Great Deal

  • Originally $34, now only $20
  • Near perfect 4.8-star rating
  • Instant savings of $14
  • 41% off the original price
  • Free shipping for Prime members
  • 6.6-foot extension cord

What We Love About the Anker PowerIQ Surge Protector

In most cases, a surge protector is designed to make it easier to provide power to a large number of devices. Smaller surge protectors might have six plugs, but only have functional space for three (maybe four!) devices. This larger Anker outlet supports up to six, allowing extra space for unreasonably large ports.

In addition to space, the Anker Surge Protector is equipped with PowerIQ charging technology. It will automatically identify what kind of device is plugged in and deliver exactly the right amount of power. No need to worry about overvoltage issues. This means that something that doesn’t need as much power as a phone, like a smartwatch, will be just fine plugged directly into the USB ports. Think of it like a built-in power brick.

In addition to the PowerIQ tech, safety features like overload and surge protection add another layer of security to your connected tech.

If that isn’t enough to put you at ease, then the $100,000 connected equipment warranty will. What this boils down to is that, if the surge protector fails and a connected bit of hardware is damaged, you are covered up to $100,000 in losses. This coverage remains in place for the lifetime of the product, on top of the 18-month warranty.

Sure, the Anker Surge Protector isn’t the most attractive bit of hardware, but it gets the job done and includes a lot of extra features for a bit of technology that’s often overlooked.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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