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This Anker Power Strip Surge Protector Has 12 Outlets, 3 USB Ports, And Is 36% Off Today

One of the best Anker power strip surge protectors is on sale today with a 36% discount. The usual price of $35.99 has been reduced to $22.99 on Amazon, making today an excellent day to grab one of the best surge protectors out there, to not only look after any devices it might be powering or charging, but also make life a bit more convenient thanks to extra outlets and a bit more flexibility in placement as well.

While there are lots of companies out there that make similar devices, but Anker is so absurdly consistent that they’re always worth paying attention too, and a sale on an item like this shouldn’t be ignored. The same goes for the best Anker chargers too, but that’s not what this deal is on. This deal is on an outlet extender and surge protector that can turn one outlet into 12, which is quite the upgrade.

Not only that, but it also has three USB ports too, so it’s easy to think of it as having 15 outlets, given how many devices run on USB now anyway, and that’s a lot of extra outlets in one place. The cable is five-foot long too, so it’s a good choice for going behind beds to make plugging and unplugging things simpler, and it even protects everything it’s charging from power surges, which is essential when it’s connected to expensive things like TVs, games consoles, PCs, or smart phones.

$22.99 $35.99 36% off

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This outlet extender does a huge amount and asks very little. It will turn one outlet into twelve, and it even has 2 USB-A ports and one USB-C port too, which means, in essence, it’s 15 sources of power. That’s a huge upgrade from just one outlet, and this strip also has a five-foot extension cable, making it great for awkward spots, and is surge protected too, which means anything that’s plugged into it will be fine if the power spikes.