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This Excellent Anker USB-C Cable Two-Pack Is Only $13 Today And Will Solve Those Charging Woes

Good cables are always worth having around, and this two-pack of Anker cables is good value at $17.99, but with today’s 28% discount bringing them down to $12.99, it would be rude not to buy them. It helps that they’re not just cheap too, they’re also very high quality, and match perfectly with the best Anker chargers, or any other charger that can deal with USB-C.

These cables are six feet long, which is perfect for outlets hidden behind beds or other bits of furniture, and are meant to last up to 12,000 bends, which means they’re also good for taking on the road if there’s a lot of travel coming up. They can also manage fast charging and are compatible with a huge number of devices including things like iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones, and even the Nintendo Switch.

It’s also nice that it’s a two-pack, because it means each cable only costs $6.50 at the moment, which is an easily justifiable purchase for something that can absolutely make life a little simpler. After all, pretty much everyone needs more charging cables these days, so act quickly to get some of the best ones around.

$12.99 $17.99 28% off

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These cables are compatible with USB 2.0 Type C charging, which means they can fast charge multiple devices including things like MacBooks, iPads, and Samsung phones. The cables are also six-feet long, which makes them excellent for hiding behind beds or sofas, and have a lovely red color, which is a nice change. They’re also safe for up to 12,000 bends, which should mean they outlast most of the devices they’ll be charging.