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Apple’s New AI Chip Could Make Your iPhone Smarter

* Apple’s new AI chip could be tasked with various artificial intelligence programs
* The enhancements could revolutionize how phones work
* The chip may also improve overall battery life and general performance

Apple is rumored to be working on an artificial intelligence (AI) chip to help power their devices. Tentatively named the Apple Neural Engine, the new chip could revolutionize how iPhones and iPads execute certain tasks like speech and facial recognition.

While Apple has already dabbled in the world of artificial intelligence with Siri, this new chip could augment how we interact with our apps. Health services, for example, could become much more exact. The new AI could verify certain heart sensors and other health-related issues, notifying the app if there is an irregularity. It also has the potential to change how we interact with other smart devices. Because the AI will be working independently, these changes could occur even if we aren’t online.

Experts see this new addition as Apple’s attempt to catch up with their competitors. Amazon and Alphabet have been pushing new AI technology for years with their Echo and Google Home assistants. While Apple was the first company to bring voice-activated AI to the market in 2011, Siri lacks the versatility of other voice-activated assistants like Alexa.

While mum’s typically the word when it comes to Apple updates, CEO Tim Cook has, on more than occasion, mentioned AI and augmented reality as two avenues Apple wants to pursue. Rumor has it the new AI chip could be included in the new iPhone 8.