Today Apple Unveils Their New iPhone… Apple iPhone 11 Rumors We Really Hope Are True

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Today’s the day for the highly anticipated release of the latest iPhone 11. Tune it at 10 a.m. P.T. for the live Apple Event from the Steve Jobs Theater.

The original iPhone, which was released way back in 2007, almost seems prehistoric in comparison. With each new model, Apple has implemented new features, revamped old designs and added subtle improvements that made each version noticeably better than the last. The iPhone 5s proved that bigger wasn’t always better, and last year’s XS showcased Apple’s designs in a whole new light.

Now that the official Apple announcement is here, the latest batch of rumors allude to more power, more options and more features than ever before. We’ve dug through the muck to highlight some of our favorite rumors. Curious? Let’s dive in.

1. The New iPhone 11 Could Include 3 Rear Cameras

Starting with the iPhone 6, Apple cameras have consistently gotten better. While the previous iPhone X featured 12-megapixel rear cameras, it didn’t necessarily break new ground in terms of pure pixelating power. In fact, the iPhone (and Apple products in general) have consistently lagged behind competitors—namely Samsung and Huawei—when it comes to camera specs. Fortunately, rumors have been circulating that the latest 11 models will not only come with three rear cameras but they’ll also give users the ability to take advantage of an ultra-wide lens. If true, it would mean that the 11 would come with more photography features than ever before.

2. The  iPhone 11 May Feature Totally Revamped Video Features

If the new triple camera design wasn’t enough to pique your interest, the updated video format definitely should. If the rumors are true (and we really, really hope they are), the 11 will come with an improved video format that’s designed to rival the biggest pro video cameras on the market. In fact, reports suggest that Apple’s new video format will allow users to record high-quality video and then instantly edit their captures by retouching the video image quality, applying various after effects, cropping the screen, reframing the picture and so much more.

3. The iPhone 11 Could Feature Reverse-Charging Technology

When Airpods first launched in 2016, people were decidedly split: some loved the new design, while others hated the fact that they had to charge their earbuds separately. If you were in the second camp, you can rest easy now that the latest iPhone supposedly comes with reverse charging technology. With the ability to power-up your Airpods by simply placing them on the back of your phone, you won’t have to worry about your Airpods dying on you as soon as you leave the house. It’ll also probably help you keep track of them easier.

4. The New iPhone 11 Is Allegedly Much More Durable Than Previous Models

Whatever adjectives people use to describe iPhones, durable usually isn’t one of them. For all the features, tools and support they come with, Apple phones are incredibly dainty. If the rumors are true, the latest 11 models will feature the same look and feel as the X but will come with a much more durable design. In addition to featuring a more robust build, the latest phones will allegedly utilize a stronger shatter-resistant glass frame, which is a smart move considering the screens are getting bigger and bigger. What’s more, the new phones could also include a water-resistant skeletal frame, which would definitely be a welcome improvement. You’ll likely still have to worry about dropping your phone in the toilet, but, hopefully, now it’ll have a fighting chance to still charge once you finally fish it out.

5. The New iPhone 11 May Even Come With Apple Pencil Support

Remember when Steve Jobs famously said, “Nobody wants a stylus”? Well, apparently Apple now does. Ever since a photo leaked that showed the latest 11 sporting a state-of-the-art pencil holder, this rumor is all but confirmed. In keeping with the updated features, the new 11 will likely come with its own Apple Pencil support. That means users can use their own Apple Pencil on the X, which, we assume, was implanted to rival Samsung’s Galaxy S10.