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Night Shift: The 6 Best Apple Watch Night-Stands Under $15

* Ditch your old alarm and turn your Apple Watch into a bedside clock
* Charge your watch while utilizing the built-in nightstand mode
* Choose from different styles — some are even compatible with other Apple products

Did you know every Apple Watch includes its own built-in nightstand mode? That’s right, instead of simply taking your watch off and leaving it face down during the night, you can turn it into a bedside clock. Of course, to take advantage of the traditional clock mode you’ll first need to find the right stand.

Use one of these smart nightstands to turn your Apple Watch into a bedside clock while also keeping it fully charged.

1. Orzly Night-Stand for Apple Watch

Specifically designed to make charging your Apple Watch as easy as possible, this stylish nightstand includes a non-slip base and a built-in USB port to keep your watch charged. It’s also available in four stylish colors.


2. Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand

This slick nightstand offers an easy way to charge your watch while also keeping it protected. An adhesive silicone pad helps secure your watch while it charges, and slip-resistant base makes sure your nightstand stays in place — even with those occasional bumps in the night.


3. Orzly Charge Station for Apple Watch and iPhone

Looking for a stand for your iPhone too? You’re in luck because this Apple Watch nightstand also supports most iPhone models. Slick, smart and super effective, this dual-purpose nightstand/charging station is a great choice for power Apple users.


4. Elago Apple Watch Stand

This cool-looking nightstand is compatible with all Apple Watch models and is made with scratch-free silicone to help keep your devices safe. With an easy-to-use power deck, simply stick your watch in the stand’s charging cutout for an easy charge.


5. Vico Bamboo Charging Nightstand

This stunning nightstand is extremely practical — and beautiful. Made from natural bamboo, this wooden nightstand sports an elegant design that’s sure to compliment any table. Plus the stand’s base includes a slick rubber mat to help keep it in place.

[caption id="attachment_89026" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Vico Bamboo Charging Nightstand Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


6. BAVIER Bamboo Nightstand

This universal nightstand is compatible with almost every Apple product — from your iPhone to Apple Watch and more. The beautiful bamboo build is complemented with extra polished edges, resulting in a stylish nightstand that’s easy on the eyes and easy on your devices.


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