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When You Take Your Work on the Go, Protect Your Data With a Locking Hard Drive

Biometric safes might be all the rage these days, but there’s something to be said about a good old-fashioned PIN reader. Sometimes, that’s all you really need to keep your items safe. In this case, the same is true for your vital data and customer information.

Able to encrypt your data in real-time, this Apricorn locking hard drive features 256-bit AES encryption (the gold standard) to keep your files safe and secure no matter where you are or where you’re going. Best of all, it requires no extra software to set up or complicated menus to configure. Simply plug it in, set your PIN code and you’re good to go.

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More and more people are turning to locked external hard drives as a means to help secure and safeguard their data. Whether you travel for work, work remotely or constantly carry your work with you, keeping your files safe is paramount. In the healthcare and legal fields, protecting client and patient information is actually a legal requirement.

Sure, our devices come with their own standard suite of built-in safety features, but most of our passwords and security protocols pale in comparison to the safety and security provided by a legitimate encrypted drive.

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With a generous 1TB capacity (though you can also opt for the smaller 500GB or the much larger 2TB option), this particular encrypted hard drive is intuitive, safe and extremely easy to use. 

This device features a tough epoxy coating to help safeguard it from bumps, drops and shocks. Speaking of protection, it also includes a smart built-in self-destruct feature to help keep your data safe in the event of a breach. Here’s how it works: When someone tries to gain physical access through failed login attempts, the drive will automatically lock itself. From there, the Apricorn will destroy both the encryption keys and the lock itself, safeguarding your data as a last resort. While that may sound like a little overkill, imagine the relief you’d feel if you realized you left your work laptop or tablet in public, only to have some onlooker walk away with all of your most important files and data.

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The Aegis locking hard drive is also extremely lightweight, surprisingly easy to hold and built like a brick. Because it uses those upgraded USB 3.0 connections, you can rely on fast transfer speeds. It’s also backward compatible with other USB devices. Best of all, it’s designed to be compact and extra lightweight, making it an essential tech accessory to have on hand.