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This Aquasonic Electric Toothbrush Will Keep Those Teeth Shining For Just $27

The best electric toothbrushes are the ones that make brushing teeth less of a chore, and make them not only clean, but also look good, and ideally help keep those gums healthy too. Today there’s an excellent Aquasonic Vibe Electric Toothbrush that’s on sale for $26.95, which is a big 46% off the normal price of $49.95. That’s a steal for one of the easiest ways to improve tooth and gum health.

This electric toothbrush comes with eight brush heads and a travel case, which means it lasts a long time with no more heads needing to be bought, and also works for multiple users, and can be packed away for trips too. In terms of power, this thing vibrates up to 40,000 times a minute, which is an awful lot, and will help remove plaque at a staggering rate, and not only whiten teeth, but also massively improve gum health as well.

It also has a built-in smart timer to help the user avoid over-brushing, and it is, of course, waterproof too. It’s just an incredible toothbrush in basically every sense, and for just $26.95 it’s basically an impossible one to beat on value too. Combine this with the best razors and upgrade that grooming routine to the next level.

$26.95 $49.95 46% off

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This incredible electric toothbrush is perfect for keeping those pearly whites both pearly and white, and can even add a bit of shine depending on the toothbrush that’s currently being used. It comes with eight brush heads for a long-lasting use time with no more purchases needed, has a travel case, and has four different modes too. It also hits speeds of up to 40,000VPM, which is an excellent way to really brush those teeth, and can help gum health as well.