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This Automatic Electric Can Opener Will Keep Those Hands Free For Only $24

This automatic electric can opener is the kind of kitchen gadget that’s always useful, but also makes for an incredible gift for older relatives, or anyone that doesn’t have the same dexterity required to do this by hand. Also, it’s just efficient. It’s also currently 31% off, which brings the normal price of $35.00 to just $23.99, which is a great price.

This device is so easy to use that it’s almost criminal, and it just has to be placed on top of a can in the right positon, and then have the button pressed. The result is a can that’s not only open, but also has no jagged edges to cut anyone on, and it’ll keep all the food inside of the can completely edible too, which is pretty important when that’s the whole thing it does.

The style is nice too, and makes it fit surprisingly well with the best retro kitchen appliances. It also means the user has time to enjoy using the best kitchen knife sets when the can is being opened, and the free time makes things like washing up, or dealing with kids, a lot easier to do.

$23.99 $35.00 31% off

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This little device looks like a retro kitchen utensil, but has very modern abilities. All the user needs to do is put it onto the can, push a button, and then then can opener will work its way around the edge of the can as it cuts it open, but will leave a smooth edge, and will keep the food perfectly sage as well. It’s perfect for people who need to make dinners in a rush, or those who want to open cans, but no longer can for any reason.